Monday, January 30, 2017

Gift Guide ~ Valentine's Day 2017

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kenra Platinum Snail CC Cream for Hair Review

As you likely already know, I'm a big fan of Korean beauty products. I've reviewed a number of them on this blog and especially like how there's such a wide range of products geared towards people with very dry skin and fair complexions - like myself.

A while back I went to an event where the Founder of e-commerce store Peach & Lily, which specializes in bringing Korean beauty products to the USA, spoke about how Korean beauty is always a bit ahead of the curve in terms of R&D and ingredients. At that event, I discovered Mizon's All-in-One Snail Repair Cream. At first, like most of you are probably thinking, I was a bit hesitant to try it. I mean, it's 92% snail secretion filtrate, which does sound a little odd.

All joking aside, I was immediately won over by the product. I only had to apply a very tiny amount and I could immediately see the man great effects of using a snail cream. My skin was instantly hydrated, brighter, and any signs of acne/fine lines/wrinkles were visibly decreased.

Why have I spent all this time talking about a Korean face cream? Well, because that product piqued my interest in the benefits snail cream has on other parts of the body. When I saw the opportunity to test out Kenra's Snail CC Cream for your hair, I was instantly drawn in.

I'll start off my saying I have dry, color-treated blonde hair. So, I wouldn't immediately think that Korean beauty-inspired haircare products are tailored towards my hair type. However, the Kenra Platinum Snail CC Cream is really great for any hair type. It serves as a 10-in-1 "corrective creme" that fights all 10 signs of aging hair: dulling, thinning, breakage, frizz, dryness, elasticity, porosity, scalp irritation, unmanageability, and coarse texture. I think just about everyone deals with one if not several of those signs. To assuage the concerns of those who are looking for ingredient-conscious and cruelty-free products, I want to highlight as well that this product contains no parabens or sulfates and no snails are harmed in the production of the product.

The product is very easy to use. It is essentially a leave-in conditioner. Simply apply evenly with your hands or a wide-tooth comb on damp or dry hair. I would suggest using an amount the size of a dime at most. A little bit will go a long way and I found that too much weighed the hair down or left it a little greasy.

On a final note, I just wanted to comment on how beautiful the packaging and branding are. If you know a beauty buff who likes to try new and inventive products, I would highly recommend gifting this product. The packaging looks absolutely luxurious and elegant. I love the iridescent shimmer of the periwinkle color and the applicator is very high quality - the product pumps out like a high end CC face cream would.

Ready to try it for yourself? This product is exclusively available at at ULTA ($25.00)! Shop HERE.

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This product was provided to me for free for review purposes by Kenra via Brandbacker.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Heeling the Sole: My Sole Patches Review

Sole Patches are American-made removable adhesive pads to alleviate shoe discomfort. They come in package of 6 which will last you a long while. They are a nice, discreet nude color that blends in well with the linings of most shoes. Each has a distinct flower-like shape that helps absorb impact with each step and help enhance comfort.

Each pad has a very strong "medical-grade" adhesive that keeps it in place on the shoe. I have used other products like these in the past and my biggest gripe is that they tend to move around in the shoe after applied. That actually causes me even more discomfort than wearing my shoes without them, because the root of the pain and soreness is usually the foot sliding forward. However, Soul Patches really do stay put!

One thing that makes Sole Patches relatively unique is that they are not just intended to be applied to the ball or heel of your sole. They can actually be directly applied to the skin on the bottom of your feet! They are moisture-repelling, odor-repelling, antimicrobial, and shock-absorbing. They are designed to stay on your foot for up to 24 hours of wear, which allows you to wear multiple pairs of shoes with the pads during that period.

I found the pads I used in my high heels for New Years Eve to be pretty effective. I would say the ball of my foot usually hurts a bit in these shoes after about 3 hours of wear, but one pad in each made them comfortable for about 5-6 hours. I still have to test them out with double-padding - applying a pair of pads directly to the bottom of my feet too. I think that would do the trick for a whole day of wear! If you're interested in learning more about this product and purchasing some for your own use ($9.95 for a pack of 6), please visit:

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This product was provided to me for free for review purposes by Sole Patches via Brandbacker.
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