Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My At-Home Four Minute Mani with Impress

Busy young mom? International Jet-setter? It can be hard to find the time to look fabulous every day. Luckily, the folks at imPRESS have come up with a fantastic solution for us.  The imPRESS Press-on Manicure gives you a salon-pefect ultra gel shine manicure in just a few minutes! There's no dry time and no mess. You just peel off the backing and press on your new, perfectly manicured nails. With over 40 colors and designs to choose from, they'll suit any taste or occassion.

Each package comes with everything you need: 24 individual nails of varying sizes, a prep pad & file, adhesive & charms (on applicable styles), and an instruction booklet. 

These are the only waterproof press-on nails on the market and they last up to one week thanks to imPRESS's "Ultra-Hold Adhesive Technology". They are safe on natural nails and removal is very easy - just peel them off rather than messing around with any acetone or soak-off removal. 

Here's my video tutorial so you can see just how quick and easy these are to apply:

As you can tell from the above, it took me a minute to figure out how to add the finishing touches...i.e. the dazzling little charm. So, here's another video tutorial to show you how to do that bit:

...and here's the final result! What do you think?

Personally, I don't love the smell of nail polish remover (who does?) or the hassle of remembering to put your nail clippers in your checked luggage. I also can't be bothered to go out and purchase those things on a trip, even if my nails break or my polish chips.  So, this seems like the perfect thing to bring along with me on my travels...especially ideal for destination weddings! The nails actually look pretty natural and I can attest that they definitely stay in place.  If for any reason something causes one to fall off, you do get a few spares in the box.

The best part? These kits are available nationwide at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Kmart and retail at just $6.99 - that's even less than a manicure at the salon!

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This is a sponsored post.  imPRESS provided me with two Press-on Manicure Sets for
review purposes via BrandBacker.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rent the Runway Sample Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Rent the Runway Sample Sale

260 Fifth Avenue, New York , NY
(between 28th & 29th Streets)
N/R/6 Trains to 28th Street

Tuesday, September 29th / 11am-8pm
Wednesday, September 30th / 10am-8pm
Thursday, October 1st / 10am-8pm
Friday, October 2nd / 10am-7pm
Saturday, October 3rd / 10am-7pm
Sunday, October 4th / 10am-3pm

Buy gently-used designer dresses and accessories at up to 90% off retail prices. A few brands: Badgley Mischka, Halston Heritage, Nicole Miller, Erin Fetherston, Sachin & Babi, and more!

Any questions: 212-725-5400

Know before you go
Check out my reviews of the Rent the Runway Sample Sales in 

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Birchbox for Selfridge's London 2015 Review

Stop III of my "Birchbox Around the World" tour was Selfridge's Department Store in London. Last but not least, as this was my favorite Birchbox of the three! 

Here's the basic information:

Where: Selfridge's Department Store - Flagship at 400 Oxford Street, The Beauty Workshop at the back of the Ground Level Floor

When: August 28th, 2015 until September 27th, 2015

Cost£15 including tax (about $23) for 6 deluxe samples

Can't make it to Selfridge's by tomorrow? No worries, there is a limited edition Birchbox available on the Selfridge's website. It was just introduced on September 10th, so it should be around a little longer.

A typical Birchbox in the UK runs £12.95/month (about $20) which is about double what it costs in the USA. The difference is that each month Birchbox UK subscribers receive all deluxe size samples presented in a cloth pouch. I think the UK customer demands the larger sample size because there is a long history of getting beauty samples for free with magazines like Harper's Bazaar or Elle in the UK, when you purchase them from a newsstand - sometimes even full sized products! 

Again, I only heard about the Birchbox pop-up at Selfridge's from Birchbox Co-Founder Hayley Barna's speech at the World Retail Congress in Rome. Otherwise, I never would have known about it, despite my frequent trips to the UK and extensive knowledge of British beauty products.

The set-up was pretty much the same as that at the Build Your Own Birchbox station at the Soho NYC store and at Le Bon Marche in Paris. In this case, you go around and select 6 samples:, one skincare, one body care, one haircare, one beauty treat, and two makeup items. Because the Selfridge's staff tie up the pouch for you and check off the items, it did not seem like you could change the rules and select two samples in any category other than make-up. This was kind of unfortunate because I was much more excited about all the other categories, especially skincare and body care.

The first make-up sample I selected was this Stila Lip Glaze in "Glitter EF" because it looked nearly full-sized. This was .05 fl oz and a full-size retails at $22 for .08 fl oz. Not too exciting for me, as I've owned this in the past and Stila is an American brand. However, there were no British brands in this category aside from the Eyeko eyeshadow which was a rusty copper color I swatched on my hand and didn't like.

My second choice in the make-up section was this Wild About Beauty lip balm. There were three colors to choose from and I picked Rosaria because it had the highest concentration of pigment. I mainly picked this sample because the brand was new to me and is Italian rather than American, so I thought it might not be as easy to find at home. Admittedly, I was initially tempted by the Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer but the sample was very small and I figured I met get it sometime through my Birchbox USA subscription.

The skincare category was actually my first tough decision. I own a number of Caudalie products and really love them, but I didn't necessarily need another makeup removing product (especially since I own and love their Make-up Remover Cleansing Water).  When I swatched it on my hand, it also came out quickly and felt pretty greasy. I was really tempted by the Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask because I've been trying out a lot of masks lately and this looked like a British brand that hasn't yet made it to the US. Ultimately, I went for the Caudalie product because I know the brand is good quality and the bottle would last me a long time rather than a one time use mask. It seemed a shame though to go for the French product and not the British one! I wish I could have taken home both or purchased a Sarah Chapman mask separately. 

I saw that earlier in the summer this category and the body care one included another one of my favorite French brands, Nuxe. Unfortunately during my visit the options had changed and there were no Nuxe products in any of the categories.

I was beyond thrilled to see Cowshed included in the options! If you're not familiar, Cowshed is the spa owned by Soho House. I love how their products all smell bit spicy and are pretty gender-neutral. The liquid hand soaps and lotions used to be in all of the Premium Economy bathrooms on Virgin Atlantic flights, but I noticed the last couple of times that they aren't's just the standard issue VA soap now.

That's a shame because I first fell in love with the product during one of my flights. I really like the Cow Pat scent which reminds me a bit of anise seed and cracked pepper. It's been sold out on the Birchbox US website for a while now and is typically quite expensive. I did get my hands on one of the travel sized lotions in Cow Pat for about  £6 (approximately $9) at the Cowshed shop in London during GQ Style Night (Fashion's Night Out) on Carnaby Street, which offered a 20% discount. That travel size lotion is 50ml/1.69 fl oz, but this deluxe sample is actually 100ml/3.38 fl oz. So, needless to say, it has very significant value! I like the Gorgeous Cow scent too. It has floral notes and is a bit more feminine than Cow Pat...but still a little bit spicy!

Again, this was a tough choice because Dutch brand Rituals was also included in this category and I adore them too. This time it was the Honey Touch Body Cream, but I saw that earlier in the summer they had one of the foaming body washes. Ultimately, I had to go with the Cowshed product because it's British, quite valuable, and not as easy to find as Rituals (Rituals has a store in NYC on my subway line). I also have quite a few Rituals products already, as I stocked up at their shop on my last stopover in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

The haircare category was not especially exciting, as there were no British brands on offer. I think I saw Phillip Kingsley products were on offer earlier this summer and I've never tried that British brand, so I would have picked them if they'd been on offer. Given my options, I picked the Macadamia Professional Moisture Shampoo because it was a large sample and I've used their moisturizing hair mask several times before and really liked it. It's definitely a good brand for very dry, color-treated hair. Also, this product is almost always at TJ Maxx. So if you end up liking it, it can actually be quite affordable.

The beauty treat category was a fun and creative one. There were only four options though and two of them were basically the same (two versions of a This Works Pillow Spray in varying intensities). I'm not quite sure what the difference is between the two but I really like the idea of the product and since I'm not a great sleeper, assumed the "sleep plus" option was the right one for me.  I was a bit torn between that and the Birchbox key ring. It's the same one that I've seen a lot of US subscribers get a promo code for after they've subscribed to Birchbox for one year and I've been a subscriber for more than one year but never received it. It is a cute pink leather tassel, but honestly I wasn't really sure how much I would use it. The other option was a whitening toothpaste which was very practical but maybe less fun than the others. Ultimately, I decided on the "deep sleep" pillow spray. It is a British brand and has a lovely lavender scent.  If this product really works, I would definitely buy it!

Like the box at Le Bon Marche, this one also included a discount code for new subscribers. Since it's a pretty obvious promo code (SELFRIDGES), I'm going to go ahead and share it! It's good for £5 off your first Birchbox UK box, which makes it a total of £7.95. It needs to ship to a UK address, so this offer is only good for my UK based readers I'm afraid...although it would make a nice care package for any friends you have who are studying abroad in the UK too! From everything I've seen about Birchbox UK, I like the offer more than Birchbox US. I wish we could get them over here!

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Birchbox for Le Bon Marche Paris 2015 Review

Stop II of my "Birchbox Around the World" tour was Le Bon Marche department store on the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) in Paris. I was pumped to explore some new French brands through this experience, but what I found was very different from what I expected. Read on!

Here's the basic information:

Where: Le Bon Marche Department Store - Flagship at 24 Rue de Sevres, Galerie Imaginaire on the 2nd Floor (now "Brooklyn Rive Gauche")

When: February 21st, 2015 until May 31st, 2015 was what was originally reported. However, it is clearly still ongoing as part of the "Brooklyn Rive Gauche" campaign which ends on October 17th, 2015.

Cost15 including tax (about $15 + tax) for 5 samples

I recently attended the World Retail Congress in Rome, Italy for my day job. There were many captivating speakers there, and I was thrilled to see Birchbox Co-Founder Hayley Barna speak on the final day. I already knew that Birchbox had expanded its subscription service to a number of countries in Europe, including France and the UK. However, I had no idea that they'd had any brick-and-mortar presence. I was thrilled to hear that they had two initiatives so far - one pop-up at Le Bon Marche in Paris and one pop-up at Selfridge's in London. Out of pure coincidence I was scheduled to go to both cities next, during the time period that these campaigns were running. So, being a Birchbox superfan, I just had to check out both!

The concept behind the Build Your Own Birchbox station in Paris was pretty surprising. It looks like it was previously part of a Le Fabrique collaboration that included some French brands like Sabon. However, it has now been incorporated into the department store's overarching "Brooklyn Rive Gauche" campaign highlighting the culture of Brooklyn, New York. So, the department store is using this as a platform to sell a large variety of American brands.  This has now translated to the Birchbox station, which only had American beauty samples to choose from for your box.

Although a bit disappointed, I still went with it for the novelty value. It's pretty much the exact same price as a Build Your Own Birchbox at the Soho NYC store. If it were more, I might not have purchased one. I couldn't be too upset. After all, this campaign was not intended for me - it was intended for the French audience. So, I imagine having all these American brands available was just as cool for them as the French brands would have been for me.

You received a total of 5 samples and you needed to pick one from each category: make-up, haircare, skincare, body care, and a beauty extra. There were just three products to choose from in each category. From what I remember, the Soho NYC store has a few more options per category.

The first sample I picked was the Beautyblender from the extras category.  It came with a sponge and a solid cleanser for the sponge. I picked this because I don't currently own a similar product and because I know they retail for $20 (sponge) and $16 (cleanser). I think these might be "minis", but still that is some significant value. 

I haven't used mine yet but one thing I've read that you need to look out for is that the sponge has a tendency to develop small black specks on it (potentially mold) that can transfer to your face! How unpleasant! So, you need to be sure to clean it regularly. The other options I had in this category were a nail polish and a nail strengthener. I was very tempted by the nail strengthener but didn't care for the color of the polish.

The haircare options weren't too bad. Unfortunately, I already have an Amika oil treatment sample I haven't used up and I'd just received the Parlor product in my August Birchbox USA subscription box. So, I went for the Beauty Protector mask. I've received a number of Beauty Protector products in Birchboxes before (at least: April 2014, April 2015, and May 2015). It's not an overly exciting brand and it hasn't "wow"ed me like the Davines products have, but it's still respectable. I'm sure this mask will be pretty nice.

The skincare options weren't too exciting. I've received the Supergoop sample a number of times, including in my July 2015 Birchbox USA subscription box. It's a pretty small sample and, since it was the end of summer, I did not think I'd be eager for a sunscreen product anytime soon. I tested the Medicine Mama's Apothecary product and really didn't like the scent. So, I went for the final option, Dr. Sager's Ouchy Boo-Boo Gel. To be honest, I do bruise very easily and have a very fair complexion. So, I'm kind of excited about this one. If it really works, it might be very nice for me to have.

Ah, yes...body care! Well, this was certainly an oddball one. Most of the options were a little more hippie than my usual taste would be. I definitely go for the luxe prestige brands in this area. Given this, I would have naturally leaned towards the Whish body gel. However, I already have a few Whish samples and recently ordered some full size ones. Burt's Bees is also pretty old hat for me. I'm very familiar with the products, they aren't very expensive, and they are easy to find (any Target store). So, I went for the usual one - the solid  natural deodorant. I liked the Bergamot-Lime scent and I saw that most of the other shoppers (all French) were going for this one. 

I'm not sure how I feel about natural deodorant thought. I'm pretty self conscious about this and feel like if you're not using the real thing, it's probably not going to meet expectations. The product says you only need to use a tiny amount, but I wonder how effective it would really be. I got it to use more as an on-the-go touch-up after the gym. I don't think I'd try it for regular daily use. Perhaps that's just the American in me.

I really love theBalm cosmetics, as you probably already know if you're a regular reader. The Cindy-Lou Manizer is actually one of the main products that I use from them. It's a great multi-purpose product that is really handy to bring along while traveling. It can be used as a beautiful shimmering eyeshadow that is very flattering on any complexion. It can also be used as a face highlighter that perks up your cheeks and under-eye area, making you look energized and youthful. I absolutely love this product and am always happy to get another sample of it.

This box also came with a promo code for a surprise on the Birchbox France website. I'm assuming it's likely for a % discount off of a purchase. As the sales associate told me, "every card is a winner".

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Birchbox "You're Beautiful" September 2015 Review

This month you'll be getting a Birchbox overload from me! I'll be reviewing not one, not two, but three Birchboxes. I was fortunate enough on my travels this month to visit the limited edition pop-up Birchbox stations at Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche in Paris and Selfridge's in London. Could I be the first Birchbox superfan to achieve the trifecta? Quite possibly! So, I'll kick it off with "Birchbox Around the World: Part I" featuring my subscription box from Birchbox USA.

My box contained: Juice Beauty Apple Peel Sensitive (Full-size, $39), Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo (Full-size, $25), Davines LOVE Smoothing Conditioner (Full-size, $29), Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer (Full-size, $46), Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser (Full-size, $32), English Laundry Eau de Parfum Signature for Her (Full-size, $90), POP Beauty POP Portfolio Eyeshadow Palette (Full-size, $26)

And now for the products in my box this month...

Juice Beauty Apple Peel Sensitive (Full-size, $39)

This product actually isn't new to me. I received it once before from Birchbox, through the "Build Your Own Birchbox" station at the Soho store. It is a great peel for very sensitive skin. It's got fruit-derived acids, and no bumpy rough bits like most exfoliating peels. To be honest, I thought it was a bit too sensitive and didn't do as much for my skin type as some of the more intensive peels. Also to note - despite having apple in the name, this peel does not have the scent or texture of an apple.

This was my sample choice selection and I could not be more pleased. I have been obsessed with Davines ever since I first received a sample in my June 2014 box...and then again in my September 2014 box and my December 2014 box. The June 2014 box actually included these identical products, just in the old packaging. So, I already know that I absolutely love them. They are really nourishing and leave your hair moisturized, shiny, and bouncy. My hair feels so clean, happy, and healthy after I use them. I cannot say enough great things!

Davines products aren't all that easy to find outside of the Birchbox website. They may be selling them in the Birchbox Soho store now, since they have an upcoming event with the brand, but they weren't a few months ago. When I asked them why not they said that the brand wanted to maintain its salon-only status. 

I was actually just in Rome earlier this month and visited the massive Eataly store at Piazzale XII Ottobre. I was thrilled to see that they had a massive Davines section there (see the photo above!), which makes sense because they have a lot of natural ingredients and are an Italian brand. They sold both the full size products and the travel size ones (the exact same size as my Birchbox samples). I got a full sized OI Shampoo and several travel sized shampoos and conditioners. I think the travel sized ones ran for about 6 or 7 euros each including tax (about $6-7 + tax at the moment). So, that makes this sample alone pretty valuable!

Malin + Goetz was another brand I was really excited to see in this month's Birchbox. They have a store on Madison Avenue near where I live and I had previously received some travel sized samples on a transatlantic Delta flight last October when, by some incredible miracle, I was bumped up to First Class! 

I haven't had a chance to try the moisturizer yet because it is a small foil sample and I want to save it for on-the-go use. I love that it has hyaluronic acid though, because I've found that to be pretty effective on my dry skin. I did get a chance to try the face cleanser.  First off, I have to say that I love grapefruit so to me, this scent is just divine! It reminds me of the yummy Kiehl's Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser they have at my local Pure Yoga. This Malin + Goetz cleanser goes on in a nice, thick cooling gel that instantly feels very refreshing. After rinsing, it left my skin feeling firm and I thought my complexion looked brighter and more energized. I like that it's gentle enough for daily use for all complexions but still powerful enough to give you a deep clean. 

English Laundry Eau de Parfum Signature for Her (Full-size, $90)

I've actually received an English Laundry perfume sample in a previous Birchbox, the No. 7 for Her scent in March 2014.  As I said then, the English Laundry by Christopher Wicks brand just doesn't mean that much to me. I don't really know much about it and haven't seen it anywhere aside from in my Birchboxes. Their perfumes seem a little pricey for a relatively unknown brand. However, the last sample pleasantly surprised me and so did this one. 

To me, this one smells very sweet with notes of honeysuckle and watermelon. The description actually says "quince mingles, white chocolate, jasmine, rose, and orris root" so to each their own. However, I thought it smelled a lot more sweet than that. It actually kind of reminded me of the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume I received in a Walmart Beauty Box last fall.  I would definitely leave this one for Summer because it is so intensely sweet. Nice, but not necessarily my cup of tea, since I prefer perfumes with heavier floral notes over candy-sweet fruity notes.

POP Beauty POP Portfolio Eyeshadow Palette (Full-size, $26)

This was another sample choice option and not the one I picked since I went with the Davines. That being said, just because you pick one sample choice, it doesn't mean you absolutely won't receive one of the others! That's always nice because sometimes it's a very hard decision.  I know a lot of people selected the POP Eyeshadow Palette. The reason I didn't is because I did not think it was as prestigious of a brand as some of the other choices. 

I received a POP Lip Crayon from someone in an trade before, thinking it would be similar to the LAQA & Co Lip Crayons. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. It seemed really waxy and cheap, like a starter make-up kit you might buy for a little girl at a dollar store. So, that tarnished the brand's reputation a bit for me.

However, I think this eyeshadow palette is an entirely different case. First of all, the sample size is very generous. These really look like three full-sized colors and I anticipate them lasting a long time. The trio is called "Sugar Plum" and it is a perfect range of colors for the transition into Autumn. 

On the left, there is a shimmery silver-white that is great for highlighting your brow bones or adding shimmer to another eyeshadow color. In the middle, there is a rich plum color that is definitely more of a majestic purple than an oxblood. It is a bit faint, so you may have to put on a couple coats to create a noticeable effect. Finally, on the right there is nice sparkly grey-black. This one seems to have the most shimmer to it and is the most saturated - so just a little will do! 

What I like most about these colors is that they complement each other really well and they all smear really easily with the touch of a finger so that you can blend the colors nicely for a fierce smoky eye.

This month Birchbox treated me to an extra little surprise. My box included a promo code for 20% off any purchase of $35 or more on their website. That's a pretty valuable code considering it's the same discount as a first-time order using the Birchbox app. I may just consider using some of my Birchbox points this month for something special.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Links of London Sample Sale Starts Tomorrow!

For those of you in NYC -

One of my favorite British jewelry brands, 
Links of London, 
is hosting a sample sale this weekend!

Friday, September 25th / 11am-8pm
Saturday, September 26th / 11am-8pm
Sunday, September 27th / 11am-4pm

151 Wooster Street
(between Spring & Houston Streets)

Subway: Take the N or R to Prince Street.

Up to 75% off jewellery, watches, and accessories!

What's your favorite Links item? 
I'm pretty partial to the 18kt rose gold friendship bracelets. 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where to Get Free Birthday Treats

My birthday was this week! So, in keeping with tradition, once again I'm posting all of the great birthday freebies you can get from some of my favorite brands. They range from discounts to free brow shaping to free dinner to free beauty products and lots in-between! Quite a few don't require any purchase to redeem and many are valid for up to 30 days after your birthday. Leave it to these guys to make your celebration all the sweeter...

AMC Theatres: Free large fountain drink valid for 30 days after your birthday. *

Anthropologie: 15% off on any day of your birth month

Auntie Anne's: Free pretzel on the My Pretzel Perks app *

My free pretzel pick - cinnamon raisin!

Bare Minerals: Free Lasting Line Long-wearing Eyeliner in Absolute Black ($16 value). No purchase necessary in store. Valid 30 days after your birthday. *

Ben and Jerry's: Free single scoop ice cream and $3 off an ice cream cake.

Benefit Cosmetics: Free "If Easy Was a Crime She Was Guilty" set with any online purchase. Free brow service at a Benefit Brow Bar during the week of your birthday. *

After my "brow raising" experience at Benefit! 

Benihana: $30 gift certificate. Only valid with purchase of another full-priced adult entree for Monday-Thursday dinner only. *

A delicious Monday night dinner at Benihana!

Birchbox: $10 off your next order of $50+

Charming Charlie: $5 off any purchase during your birth month *

Cold Stone Creamery: Free ice cream - Buy one Like It, Love It, or Gotta Have It and get one free.

DSW: $5 off any purchase during your birth month

e.l.f.: Free Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette ($10 value) with a purchase of $15+

Fresh: Free gift during your birth month. No purchase required in store to redeem. $25 minimum purchase to redeem online. *

My birthday gift from Fresh!

Henri Bendel: 20% off a full-priced purchase during your birth month

IHOP: Free Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity Pancakes

L'Occitane: Free Birthday Collection with any $20 purchase in-store or online. Birthday Collection contains Shea Butter Hand Cream, Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, and a pouch designed by Charlotte Gastaut.

Macy's: Free shipping on your next order. Valid for 1 month after your birthday & a free brow wax at the Benefit Brow Bar at Macy's.

Modcloth: $5 off your order of $50+. Valid for one week after your birthday.

Old Navy: 10% off everything. No exclusions. Valid for two weeks after your birthday.

Outback Steakhouse: Free dessert of your choice with purchase of an adult entree.

Rent the Runway: $25 off an order during your birth month. Cannot be combined with other offers or applied to an order paid for by gift card. *

My party dress rental! Designer: Hunter Bell 

Seamless: 15% off one order of $10+ valid for two weeks after your birthday. *

Sephora: Set of Nars Lip Crayons: 1 Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella and 1 Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien (Rose Pink). *

My gifts from Charming Charlie (L) and Sephora (R)

Smashbox: Free full-sized Full Exposure Mascara with $35+ purchase.

Southwest Airlines: $50 off a flight + hotel package of 3 nights or more

Stubhub: Free electronic delivery of any ticket purchase

Supercuts: $3 off a haircut *

Tarte Cosmetics: 20% off your next order. Valid for 1 month after your birthday.

Ted Baker: 10% off your next order

ULTA: 2x points on everything you purchased during your birth month + a free Urban Decay Perversion Mascara deluxe sample ($8 value) available for 1 month after your birthday. *

Vera Bradley: 25% off your next purchase online or in-store. Coupon sent in the mail.

The *'s indicate deals I used this year (or plan to use later this month!).

Now, make a wish, gorgeous!

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