Monday, February 6, 2012

Style: Best of Jason Wu for Target

I love the idea of top designers making affordable lines for discount stores like Target and H&M.  So far my favorites have definitely been Jimmy Choo for H&M, Liberty of London for Target, and Luella for Target.  When I heard about Jason Wu's new line for Target, I definitely wanted to check it out.  My overall impression of the line, from viewing it online, is that there are lots of cheap looking materials (especially in the knitwear), "cap sleeve" blouses that end up looking kind of boxy, and several long pleated skirts that would only flatter a few body types.  There are also a lot of striped pieces that have unflattering horizontal lines or have such bold color contrasts that they come off as costumey or cheap looking.  These sorts of issues do tend to come up when designers work on this sort of budget.  However, I do like the very feminine designs and the versatility of so many of the pieces which bring some great value; they can either be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.  I've listed my three favorite pieces below and look forward to hearing how they hold up to my assessments when actually seen in-store.

1. Short Sleeve Printed Cycle Dress:
This whimsical daytime dress with a lovely pearl detail at the collar can be dressed up with the right pair of heels & a clutch purse or dressed down with a thin leather belt and ankle high western boots or ballet flats.  It is best paired with stud or rosette earrings and no necklace, although possibly a delicate pearl or silver bracelet could be added.  It is perfect for a springtime stroll through the park or brunch with friends!

For a dressier look: My favorite jewelry pairing (below, left): Sweet Zinnia Studs, $68.  Kate Spade. Find them on HERE.
For a casual look: My favorite shoe pairing (below, right): Ankle Boot in Moro Granular Nappa, $234.99.  Stuart Weitzman.  Find Them on HERE

2. Blouse with Tie in Blush Dots:
Excellent for a night out or at the office.  The blouse should be paired with a plain black skirt and would also look elegant under a black suit jacket at work.  If worn at work, the blouse should be paired with a delicate silver or gold pendant necklace and stud or "hug" earrings.  If worn for a night out, it would look more glamorous with a long stranded necklace that would hang around & below the tie at the front and a pair of short drop earrings such as a solitary pearl or a pearl/stone/crystal rosette.

My favorite jewelry pairing (right): Kiska Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings, $48.  Erwin Pearl. Find them on HERE

3. Short Sleeve Tee with Cat:
Great for a casual night out or a dressed up daytime outfit.  To be paired with a black or navy skirt and plain heels or ballet flats with a clutch, pair of rosette earrings, and no other jewelry.

My favorite jewelry pairing (right):Glossy Garden Clip Earrings in Navy, $78.  Kate Spade. Find them on HERE.

Both of these tops would look great with the skirt they're matched with on the site, but as you can see it would only look great on certain body types because of the long pleats and unforgiving waist:

I would recommend wearing a fitted black suit skirt that you already know fits you well if you are concerned about how the pleats would look on this skirt (especially if you have some curves).  However, the heels and bag they chose to pair with the black skirt would be excellent additions to the outfit when paired with the pink blouse.  The cat shirt would look better with a red accent such as plain red leather pumps or red ballet flats with a black bag.

Featured designers on Twitter: @Target, @TargetStyle, @JasonWu, #JasonWuforTarget, @ErwinPearl, @KateSpadeNY, @Stuart_Weitzman

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