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Arts: Orchid Evenings - NY Botanical Garden

Happy first day of Spring, everyone!  The flowers are starting to bloom and it seems that everyone is orchid obsessed these days (myself included)! They are a great staple decoration to brighten up any home and, although I've heard rumors to the contrary, seem fairly difficult to kill.  Trust me, I am about as far away from having a green thumb as humanly possible. While my small flower pot has survived, I can only imagine what it would be like to cultivate a sea of orchids...wouldn't you? Well, now's your chance to see nature's beauty on full display (sans the responsibility)!

Orchid Evenings photo from NYBG.org
Be sure to check out Patrick Blanc's "The Vertical Garden" on display at the New York Botanical Garden (that's the one in The Bronx, not Brooklyn) until April 22nd. It's the nation's largest display of orchids and is supposed to be absolutely breath-taking! In addition, the exhibit will have special "Orchid Evenings" every Saturday until April 22nd and on Friday April 20th. A ticket to "Orchid Evenings" will provide you with a cocktail, DJ performances, special offers from the exhibit's partners, and extended evening access to the garden shop. Click HERE to purchase tickets for "Orchid Evenings" and to view a list of upcoming DJ performances and the partner's offers. The offers include discounts at several NYC restaurants, so you can make a date night of it! There are two entry times each night, 6:30pm or 7:30pm.  Tickets cost $30 for non-members and $20 for members. Ages 21+ only.

Can't make it during a Saturday evening?  There are two 2-for-1 admission deals to see "The Vertical Garden" at any other time.  One deal is offered via NYCGo and is valid until April 1st.  You can view this deal and purchase tickets HERE. The offer can either be redeemed at the box office, or if you visit the NYBG's official website and purchase tickets with the code 9047. The other deal is being offered via Goldstar for $4-10 tickets (i.e. half price).  Right now they have Tues-Fri tickets available for all days up to April 20th on their site. You can view this deal and purchase tickets HERE. However, with Goldstar it is possible you might incur a small processing fee, as they often have for their other events. The exhibit's regular price is: $20 for adults, $18 for students/seniors, $8 for children 2-12, and FREE for children under 2 and members.  FYI: all tickets to the Orchid Show should be equivalent to All-Garden Passes which means you have access to everything else at the NYBG too.

Tips on Getting There: I learned the hard way when I went to the NYBG's Holiday Train Show that you need to be mindful of the Metro North (Harlem Local Line) weekend schedule when planning a visit.  Trains leave from Manhattan's Grand Central and 125th Street Stations, although at some times only once an hour.  However, you can take advantage of the special CityTicket deal on a weekends which will only cost you $3.75 each way! It is available at all ticket windows and machines in the station. You can also take the B/D/4 Subway Trains to NYBG (Bedford Park Boulevard Station); however, it takes a little bit longer and drops you off significantly farther away from the venue...about a 20 minute walk.  Nevertheless, the weather is a lot nicer than it was for the Train Show, so it could be a very pleasant walk! You can find the NYBG's detailed directions HERE.

Still can't make it?

FREE Alternatives: Check out the Orchid Show on Pintrest HERE. You can also view BBC's interview of Patrick Blanc HERE...he seems so lively & wildly creative (even down to his blue hair)! Such a fun and agreeable personality.  The video definitely made me smile.

GIFTS: I also highly recommend the NYBG Garden Shop. It's got an amazing selection of gifts - the perfect place for a Mother's Day or Easter gift for your relatives! You can view its (significantly) smaller online shop HERE to find things like the Orchid Show's official book, seedlings, and apparel.  

My personal picks? This mug, notebook, and hand & nail cream:

There's also a sale going on today at daily deal site Beyond the Rack for some fantastic faux potted plants. They can stand alone or you can put them in your favorite decorative pot! Here are my favorite deals from their orchid selection:

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