Thursday, April 5, 2012

Events: DIY Easter Treats

Easter is coming up this Sunday and for those who celebrate (or those who just want to celebrate Spring), I've decided to share a couple of my favorite homemade goodies that I've recently discovered online - a cheap and fun way to fill those Easter baskets!

#1 - Paper Bead Bracelet

First, I have to say that I absolutely love Vera Bradley's creative blog ideas on Inside Stitch.  Her team does a "D.I.Y. Wednesday" post every few weeks in which they come up with wonderfully simple ideas for using a variety of things you'd find around the house to make fantastic gifts.  All the better if you use old Vera Bradley paper or fabric scraps to add lovely patterns to your creations!  My favorite is this adorable paper bead bracelet.  All you need are: some paper scraps (they used a page from an old Vera Bradley Desktop Calendar), thin drinking straws (the size of coffee stirrers - snag some from your office!), tape, a long ruler (24" preferred but you can make do with any), a pencil/pen, scissors, glue, and a stretchy string and ribbon to make your bracelet (or necklace).  You can find the full instructions HERE.

Image from Inside Stitch, Vera Bradley's Blog

#2 - Homemade Creme Eggs
I've also noticed that people go absolutely bananas over their Cadbury Creme Eggs this time of year!  I cannot tell you how many fights I have seen at the drug store over the last Cadbury egg.  There are also interesting debates over the eggs like "which is better: the original or the new chocolate or caramel flavored ones?" or "which is the real Cadbury Creme Egg: the British one or the American one?".  To avoid all this madness, I was delighted to find a recipe on the Six in the Suburbs Blog for your very own homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs!  I have yet to try it out, but it looks simple enough for someone like me...and trust me I am usually a total dunce in the kitchen. To make this festive treat, you will need: sweetened condensed milk, butter, corn syrup, salt, vanilla, confectioners sugar, yellow food coloring, and semi-sweet chocolate morsels. You can get the full recipe HERE.

Image from Six in the Suburbs, Origin:

Let me know how your bracelets and creme eggs turn out in the comments below or by a photo / tweet to @HauteontheSpot1

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