Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foodie: 50% OFF Tea & Tea-Infused Treats at Harney & Sons via Scoutmob

There's an excellent deal on today for 50% off (max. $10 discount) tea and tea-infused treats at Harney & Sons in Soho. The shop is located at 433 Broome Street between Broadway and Crosby Street. That's just a few blocks from the Canal Street subway stations.  I'll definitely be checking this out after work and will post a review for you all. Please check back later!

Menu Highlights: Tea Ice Cream - $2.50, Carbonated Tea Floats - $5.50, Scones - $7, Cheese Plate - $12.50

You can download the deal on the Scoutmob application.  If you haven't tried Scoutmob yet, you should definitely give it a shot.  Unlike daily deal sites like Groupon or LivingSocial, Scoutmob sends a wonderfully tempting local deal to your inbox, often involving food, for absolutely FREE! You don't need to pay anything in order to get the deal. Many of the deals are available through email; however, some special ones like the Harney & Sons one today can only be accessed via their smartphone app. Be sure to download it today and start enjoying all of the wonderful treats that they have to offer without ever paying a penny!

Get the details on today's Harney & Sons Scoutmob deal HERE
The deal expires 10/18/12.
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Not in New York? Nowhere near Soho? Scoutmob has daily deals for a large number of US cities and individual neighborhoods. Be sure to check out what's available in your area.

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