Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Foodie: Australia's "Pie Face" Opening in NYC!

The other week when I was checking out a sample sale in the Times Square area, I stumbled upon this exciting new announcement. There was a vacant storefront at 469 Seventh Avenue (Fashion Avenue) at 36th Street with a sign saying that "Australia's favorite bakery cafe", Pie Face, would soon be opening there. Having lived in England last year, I must say I was delighted to learn that this is a chain in Australia that produces savory pies (like Mince Beef, Thai Chicken Curry, and Tandoori Vegetable) and sausage rolls!

This will definitely be a great new cheap food option in NYC - the most expensive single item on the menu is $5.95! I'm not sure when they are opening their doors but it looked like it would be very soon! The cafe will be open 24 hours and will also offer an impressive array of Australian-style coffee and pastry items. Be sure to check it out & sign up for their e-mail loyalty program in advance: 

The chain already has 70 locations in Australia and was co-founded by Atlanta native Wayne Homschek. His partner Betty Fong says, "We think that New Yorkers will love Pie Face just as much as Aussies do because of the high-quality food, good value, and of course, those cute little faces on every pie."

Photo source: The New York Times

It turns out there is another location that opened in February on Broadway & 53rd Street. I have yet to visit, but it is definitely now on my "To-Do" list. Have you been there yet? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or send me a tweet (I love photos!) at @HauteontheSpot1.

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