Monday, July 16, 2012

Product of the Day: Hug Your Kid Day Edition

Happy Hug Your Kid Day! 

For those of you with little ones at home (or those of us who are young at heart), you are probably familiar with the ever classic and reliable Gund teddy bear collection. I must say, even mine's held up very well for being over 20 years old - just see below!

Today, share this tradition with your kids, nieces, nephews, siblings, and cousins! What better way to ensure they get a hug EVERY day? 
These are quality products that last a lifetime!

Gund Peek-a-Boo Bear
$40, Saks Fifth Avenue
Buy it HERE

... and for those of you that are just a kid at heart, why not show off your love for your favorite childhood pastimes? "Rocko's Modern Life" was one of my FAVE Nicktoons and it is now making a comeback with this nostaligic shirt available (for adults) at Urban Outfitters:

Rocko's Modern Life Tee
$28, Urban Outfitters
Buy it HERE

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