Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sale of the Day: The Poke A Dot Shop

Bubble Statement Necklace, $14.99 (+$4.50 Shipping)
Use the code "SUMMERFUN" at checkout.
Sale price valid through 8/10/12.

13 Colors Available:

Navy - the color I purchased! 


  1. Did you ever get your necklace? Still waiting and starting to feel like it was a fraud...

    1. Yep, I got mine but it took a VERY long time. I e-mailed them at the end of August, almost a month after I ordered it and it arrived maybe 1-2 weeks after that I think. When did you order yours? Try e-mailing them: In the end it was a good buy, higher quality than the ones I've found for $5 more in NYC.

  2. This is a terrible company run by dishonest people. Their facebook page is down; they are not answering their phones and they aren't giving refunds for products purchased but not delivered. They are bunch of crooks.

  3. Never got my necklace either. Looks like we got had. Bunch of jerks!

  4. File complaints with the better business bureau so there isa record. They are ignoring complaints, disconnected their phone & shut down their website & FB page. Not sure what the heck is going on... I actually got my necklace nearly 2 monthsafter I ordered it, however the aqua did NOT Llok like the color pictured... So I called on 10/8/12 and they told me to send it back with a letter & my info along with the replacement color I wanted. I got thru for the last time on 10/11/12 & spoke to the owner Carrie Ryan - she confirmed she had my return in hand & said my replacement would go out the next day... Haven't received it & haven't been able to reach them since. Clearly they were not equipped to process all the orders for the deal they ran. They owe people refunds or their mercandise.

  5. I just wanted to clarify that I am in no way affiliated with The Poke A Dot Shop nor did they offer me anything to promote their deal on HauteontheSpot. My friend and I saw the deal on Facebook and each ordered a necklace. They arrived successfully (albeit slowly) for both of us and we were both very pleased with the quality. However, after hearing all of your stories I am so sorry to hear that The Poke A Dot Shop operated dishonestly with so many of you. I appreciate all of the comments that you posted and hope they help others. I agree with all of the advice posted and would suggest (if you can) to also dispute the charge on your credit card bill and to get in touch with Facebook (through which the deal was originally posted in their Offers functionality). Surely the Facebook Offers team should be able to get in touch with their client and would like to know what happened as it affects their integrity too. Best of luck, everyone! I will keep you posted if I hear anything more about the company and am so sorry to hear that so many of you had a terrible experience.

    xx HauteontheSpot


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