Monday, October 1, 2012

Style: Report on the RTR Sample Sale


I had the pleasure of checking out the Rent the Runway Sample Sale today. It was the first day of the sale and although I knew from last time that the last days are the best to go price-wise, I wanted to check out all the best items they had in stock! Here's your full report so you can prep before your trip to the sample sale later this week:

As compared to their sample sale in February, I was actually fairly disappointed with the selection. I was hoping for a few more items from Prabal Gurung, Proenza Schouler, Alice by Temperley, Missoni, and Tibi. Unfortunately I only saw 1 Proenza Schouler dress (pictured above, middle), 1 Alice by Temperley dress that was a little too costume-y, and just a few Tibi dresses (the cutest is pictured above, left - but was too small). There were none by Prabal Gurung or Missoni this time around. 

Most of the dresses I saw were by: Milly, Shoshanna, Nicole Miller, Herve Leger, and LaRok (above, top right). There were also multiples of the same 1 design by Kate Spade (long sleeve animal stripes) and Badgley Mischka (above, bottom right). Designers like Milly and Shoshanna had a few items under $100. Otherwise most ran around $150-300. The Herve Leger dresses, of which there were more than I could count, were around $500-600 (although I did see a lovely burgundy one in a large size for around $380, below center).

An assortment of dresses from different size racks.

Many of the nicer dresses I saw didn't have duplicates and were in particularly small or large sizes. There were also many items that had rips or discolorations that would be near impossible to fix (nothing like the minor damage to the Tibi dress I described in my report on February's sale). Even though these items were severely discounted, they could definitely not be worn as-is. Quite a few of the styles were ones I recognized from multiple seasons ago too - so overall the collection didn't seem as "recent" as it did during February's sale. Overall, everything looked a lot more tired and used.

Damages: A discolored Leger dress + a torn / eroded leather dress

In terms of accessories, there were a few jewelry designs on one table including some by Badgley Mischka. Overall I thought the jewelry all looked the same - antiqued steel + glass crystals look. Nothing too glitzy. The purse selection on the other hand was a little more exciting. There were about six designs (see below), all clutches, including some cute colorful ones by Diane von Furstenburg for about $60!

My advice: wait it out! There was nothing there that was so wonderful it will be snatched up before Friday or Saturday, when the prices will surely be slashed

To read more about this sale, click HERE. To read my review of the previous sale in February, click HERE.

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