Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guides for Girls & Guys on Have to Have!

If you haven't checked out social shopping website Have to Have this holiday season, you should! It's the most user-friendly way to create online shopping lists, wish lists, and to shop & share the "registry-style" wish lists of friends and family. Just add the bookmarklet tool to your web browser, click on it on ANY retailer's website, and add the item to a list. You can then share the items and/or lists via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. It's THAT easy.

It's also great for viewing other members' lists. For this reason, I've edited for you a carefully curated list of all the best little holiday gifts out there this season. I also know that, as a woman, it can be especially difficult to find great gifts for the men in your life - fathers, brothers, boyfriends, etc. So, I've created a list for these lovely gentlemen too. Just click below to check out the full lists (about 18 items each!) & click on any individual item to make a purchase or add it to YOUR wish list on Have to Have.

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