Friday, January 18, 2013

Arts: Can't Go to Sundance This Year? Create Your Own Film Fest!

The 2013 Sundance Film Festival officially started yesterday! While you may not get to make it out to Park City this year, bust out your thermal tees and thermos of hot cocoa - you can still experience the joys of the Sundance Film Festival tradition from your living room

I've put together the perfect movie playlist (including some of my fave films from when I attended Sundance in '09) as well as some other suggestions to create the perfect ambiance for all nature of cinephile.

Films to Watch:

1. Safety Not Guaranteed, 2012 
(Available on Netflix DVD)
Sundance 2012: Winner of the Waldo Salt Screening Award + Nominated for a Grand Jury Prize

2. The Chameleon, 2010 
(Available on Instant Netflix)
Tribeca Film Festival 2010

3. Rudo y Cursi, 2008 
(Available on Netflix DVD)
Sundance 2009 & Tribeca Film Festival 2009

4. Manda Bala (Send a Bullet), 2007 
(Available on Instant Netflix) 
Sundance 2007: Winner of a Grand Jury Prize 

5. Heartlands, 2002 
(Available on Instant Netflix)
Edinburgh Film Festival 2002

6. The Cove, 2009 
(Available on Netflix DVD)
Sundance 2009: Winner of the US Audience Award, 
Academy Awards 2010: Winner of Best Documentary

7. Sin Nombre, 2009 
(Available on Netflix DVD)
Sundance 2009: Winner of the Directing Award
+ Excellence in Cinematography Award

8. Submarine, 2011 
(Available on Instant Netflix)
Sundance 2011

FESTive Snacks:
* Microbrew Beer (Try: Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Mactarnahan Winter Humbug'r Ale, or Firestone Walker Solace Ale)
* 479 Degrees Artisanal Popcorn
* Cafe Bustelo Coffee (Tried it first at Sundance '09!)

Shopping: Visit the official Sundance 2013 Online Store: 
(This year's line is designed by Todd Oldham!)

Get all the updates from this year's Sundance Film Festival including YouTube videos, backstage interviews, live streams, and more at:

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