Friday, February 1, 2013

Events: My Report on BaubleBar Unwrapped!


Today I had the pleasure of checking out the BaubleBar Unwrapped event I wrote about earlier (see post HERE). It's a 2 week celebration of 2 years of! It's taking place right now (until Feb. 16th) at a pop-up shop in 344 West 14th Street @ 9th Avenue in the Meatpacking District. 

There was an area to snap a "shameless selfie" with a variety of funny props.  Snap a photo and tweet it with #BBUnwrapped.

I ended up buying the 4-tiered necklace in the middle! This was my favorite display. I love stacking necklaces just as much as I love stacking bracelets!

Lots and lots of pastel colors for spring. Throughut the store, earrings were around $20-$26 for the most part and necklaces were around $24-$52. They also had the week's "Buried Bauble" for $10 and a few other items towards the back for $15.

The gold necklaces and earrings with this leopard with emerald eyes were definitely some of my favorite pieces in the store! They were around $26 each I think. They aren't available on the website right now either.

Here are a few more baubles I enjoyed, many of which ARE currently on the website. It was really great to see items like these so you could get a feel for the quality and weight (esp. important for earrings). While I did find the quality of two items I liked on the website to be a teensy bit different than I expected in real life (in weight, shine, etc.), overall I was pretty impressed with most of the collection. You could really see the good quality in some of their slightly more expensive items ($36+), so they're definitely worth the extra few $'s

It's also a fantastic shop for any older items you loved on BaubleBar that are no longer on the site. I saw some oldies but goodies like that fantastic pearl bubble necklace they had a few months ago in the Atlantic-Pacific collaborative collection. Best of  all, the FREE swag that comes with your purchase...

What's Inside MY BaubleBar Bag?

I purchased a lovely blue and pave 4-tiered statement necklace. I don't think this particular one is on their website right now but I'll definitely be including it in future blog posts! 

With my purchase I received 4 goodies: 
* A "My other bling is BaubleBar" silver tote 
(FREE with purchases of $40+)
* A surprise gift in a lovely pink carton* 
(FREE for all store visitors)
* An artisan ice cream sandwich by CoolHaus 
(FREE w/ any purchase, today only I'm afraid)
Vault Points on my online account aka savings off of a future purchase!

My surprise gift was this lovely pair of stud earrings with a tiger's eye colored stone! If you visit #BBUnwrapped, tweet a pic of YOUR surprise gift to @HauteontheSpot1.

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