Monday, March 18, 2013

Arts: FREE Sundance Institute Movie Screening

The Sundance Institute (yep, the same folks that host the Sundance Film Festival in Utah), are hosting a FREE screening of one of their films in New York City! The film will be shown in the Dolby Screening Room followed by a Q&A session with the film's writer-director Sally El Hosaini and actor James Floyd.

The Sundance Institute presents...
My Brother The Devil
Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 | 7pm
Dolby Screening Room (1350 6th Avenue) 
Running Time: 110 minutes

Film Description: My Brother The Devil stars James Floyd as Rashid, a young man from a traditional Arab family who runs with a gang that rules the streets of Hackney, one of London's most ethnically-mixed and historically volatile neighborhoods. Rashid's younger brother, Mo, (Fadi Elsayed) idolizes his handsome, charismatic older brother and dreams of following in his footsteps, but Rashid envisions a different life for Mo and insists that he stay away from gang life and stick to his studies. Headed on a collision course of conflicting desires, each young man is forced to face himself and confront the brother he thought he knew.

This is an advanced screening. The film opens in select theaters (including Landmark Sunshine Theater in NYC) starting March 22nd.

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