Friday, May 17, 2013

Style: My First Trip to Drybar!

I'd heard a lot of fabulous things about Drybar over the last year. So, yesterday, I decided to check it out myself for the first time. I visited the location in Flatiron NYC (just a couple blocks away from Union Square). I thought I'd post a little review to let you all know what I thought!

First of all, when I walked in I have to say that the hype I'd heard about the fabulous and welcoming decor was not over-exaggerated. I loved all the little touches like the chandeliers made out of yellow hair dryers, the snazzy marble counter tops, and the flatscreens showing movie faves like The Breakfast Club! My appointment was for 10:15am and they were pretty prompt. I did have to wait an extra 5 or 10 minutes to get started, but the attendants greeted me in the mean time and offered me a great selection of refreshments. 

It was definitely worth the (short) wait. My stylist, Dev, was absolutely fabulous! She really took her time to figure out the exact look that I wanted. She also made sure to ask me if there was an occasion (I was going to an expert panel at Conde Nast). When she heard that, she was excited and super sweet. She even offered me a celebratory Mimosa! Getting a blowout isn't just about looking fabulous, but also about the confidence and energy your new polished presentation brings you. Dev really made me feel like I had a whole team of stylists cheering me on from the sidelines! ...Not to mention, I really loved the end result! My hair is stick-straight and she made it voluminous and wavy in a way I'd never been able to do before. The verdict: I will definitely be going back!

With this A+ service and fabulous, relaxing decor you'd think the place would cost a fortune. Trust me, this is coming from someone who gets her hair colored at SuperCuts (which actually does a stellar job BTW). However, Drybar offers all of this for just $40/blowout, no matter which look you choose!! You can even get a discount if you purchase a membership or "bar tabs". Memberships are: $75 or $140 per month which includes 1 floater (head massages) + 2 blowouts + 10% merchandise discount or 2 floaters + 4 blowouts + 10% merchandise discount, respectively. Bartabs are: $115 (3 pack), $225 (6 pack), or $440 (12 pack).

Have you visited a Drybar near you? 
Tweet me a photo of your final look @HauteontheSpot1!

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