Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Style: FEED USA x Target Collection

Lauren Bush Lauren's FEED USA collection hit Target stores nationwide this past Sunday. Each purchase contributes toward FEED Project's efforts to provide meals for children and families across America. Most of the items have numbers on them that indicate how many meals your purchase will provide to the program!

I headed over to check out the collection first-hand on opening day. My overall impression of the home goods is that they would be greater for a dorm or starter apartment. So, if you're headed off to college this fall, be sure to check it out! My first impressions of the clothing items is that they would be perfect for the gym or yoga class. The tees look like they'd breath a lot and are loose fitting. The hoodie was really soft and light weight so it'd complement the tees and a pair of leggings really well!

These office accessories (cards, insulate coffee mugs, water bottles, iPhone cases, planners, & notebooks) looked like they'd make great little hostess gifts or gifts for co-workers.

After seeing these hooded denim vests in person, I have got to say that the proportions for every size were very tiny. Unless you're super petite, I imagine even a Large would look like a children's size on most women.

These throw blankets were some of my favorite items in the collection. They're not really very heavy weight but would be great to bring along to a football game in the fall to keep warm. They'd also make great picnic blankets! Fourth of July picnic on the beach, anyone?

These backpacks were another favorite of mine. Going along with the whole perfect-for-the-gym theme, I have to say they'd be both  functional and stylish fitness companions. 

Quality-wise, I think I was most disappointed with the jewelry items (below). It didn't seem like anything special, was overall pretty masculine looking, and I didn't love the material. However, maybe I'm just comparing it too much about the amazing FEED x Links of London collection I've seen before! What do you think about them?

Here are my fave items from the collection:

Feed love with love!

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