Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Style: A Report on the BaubleBar Sample Sale

Yesterday (Monday) was the first day of the BaubleBar Sample Sale going on at their pop-up shop in Soho through Wednesday [full details HERE]. I went around 4pm and there were lots of really great items. I stayed for quite a while and kept finding more and more great pieces I hadn't seen just a few minutes before. So, I'm pretty sure they put out new stock throughout the day. There were lots of retired items and some that are currently wait-listed on the website. Check out my complete BaubleBar Sample Sale review (i.e. the End of Summer Sale - August 2013) with photos and prices below.

There were lots of great deals to be found, many of which I'd seen just a few days before for full price at the pop-up shop. All items were: 2 for $10 (you must buy in multiples of 2, you can't buy 1 for $5), $10, $12, $15, $20, or $25. The largest section was the $15 one.

2 for $10 bins: Select pierced stud earrings. Many of these were the ones that were given as gifts (for free) when they had their last pop-up shop. There's everything from preppy anchors to pave pyramids and all that's in between. A few styles that were included: Bee Studs, Popeye Sailor Studs / Anchor Button Studs, Pave Pyramid Studs, Gold Crest Studs, and Alice Mixed Studs.

$10 bins: Select bracelets, just a few earrings, & sets of 3 rings. Pretty much most bracelets that aren't bangles or large ornate stretch bracelets. Mainly friendship style bracelets. A few styles that were included: Tang Bamboo Ring Trio and Red Ships Wheel Wrap.

$12 table: Select earrings and bracelets. This included some ornate drop earrings and some bangle and stretch bracelets. A few styles that were included: Sobe Reina Drops, Harlequin Bangles, Gem Cuff, and Red Double-Triad Studs.

$15 tables: Select earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. These were some more ornate styles than the $2 for $10 and mainly included drop earrings. There were also many necklace styles and all of the bubble cabochon necklaces on the right-hand wall. Most enamel bangle bracelets - including some coveted animal ones - as well as the dressier stretch bracelets were here. A few styles that were included: Marble Wilma Drops / Gold Agate Burst Drops, Ebony Flora Studs, Snow Pearl-Burst Studs, Red Mayan Studs, Spot Drops, Navy Fox Bangle, Two-Tone Potpourri Necklace, Boho Drops, Queen Celeste Elephant Bangle, Alaqua Python Bangle, Emerald Tear Drops, Marquise Bloom Bib, Green Leaf Antoinette Drops, Primary Aztec Drops, Ice Gem Drops, Crescent Pendant, Opal Teardrops, Cabo Bracelet, Marlene Cuff, Cobra Triad Strand, and White Double Zinnia Drops.

$20 tables: Select necklaces. These were some slightly more ornate styles than the $15 ones. A few styles that were included: Bloom Strands, Navy Bowline Necklace, Poseidon Stonework Bib, Pave Links Necklace, Pearl Gem Mesh Bib, White Atoll Bib, and Pearl Bud Chandelier Necklace (from the Atlantic-Pacific Collaboration).

$25 table: Select necklaces. These were the most expensive necklaces from the site (and hence the most expensive items at the sample sale). Lots of lucite, chunky chains, and designer collaborations featured in BaubleBar email campaigns. A few of the styles included were: Snow Cluster Collar, Krypton Collar, Ice Bloom Fringe Bib, Flora Bib Collar, Peri Hex Strand, Sunflower Collar, Galactic Gem Bib, and Warrior Triad Necklace.

Important things to note: 1) All items are final sale. 2) Items are sold "as is". So, examine your merchandise carefully, as a few things were sold semi-damaged. 3) There is a mandatory bag check. 4) You can't use vault points on purchases and most likely don't earn any either. The signs said you won't but my cashier said you would. So, I'll see what happens and will let you know. 5) There were lots of mirrors and areas to try on merchandise and the staff didn't seem to mind it if everyone tried on the pierced earrings.

Go to Greene Street & grab some bargain baubles!

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