Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beauty: Sample Society October 2013 Box Review

After missing out on the Best of British Glossybox and getting my Birchbox fix with two fantastic build your own boxes at Birchbox Local, I decided to try a new sample box this month! I saw a Facebook ad for Allure &'s Sample Society announcing that the October box would contain a Butter London nail polish. Since those polishes retail at $15 and the box containing 5 products was only $15, I figured I'd give it a shot - not much to lose!

I was definitely NOT disappointed! The samples came in a sturdy reusable box (like a smaller sized Glossybox). In addition to the 5 samples, it contained a mini Allure guide with some great makeup tips and a voucher for $15 off a purchase of $50+ on containing any of the brands included in this month's box. The voucher is an especially good deal if you're planning on buying a pricey product like a fragrance. I would definitely consider using it on a Diptyque candle!

I was super psyched to see a Diptyque sample in the box! The eau de toilette samples can run for $10 or more on ebay!!! It's just a .06 fl. oz. sample but a full size perfume $135. This scent, 34 Boulevard St. Germain, was developed in homage to the brand's 50th anniversary. The scent is really nice - it smells really fresh, sort of powdery and beachy.

I haven't used the Radial Skin Care Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads yet. The sample is quite large though (15 pads) and the product is valued at $95. I look forward to testing them out and seeing how they promote cell turnover to create more youthful looking skin. I love skincare products that are really easy to use and these look fabulous.

I've tested out the IPKN BB Cream on just a swatch of my skin - I didn't want to use up too much of the small tube just yet. I love the subtle glow it creates when you rub it into your skin. It definitely makes you look more perky and well-rested. So, it's great on dark circles under tired eyes! It's also got SPF 45 which is one of the highest I've seen in BB Cream or any other skincare product!!! My skin is very light and prone to sunburn so that's an amazing feature for me. The full size product retails at about $35.

Of course, as I said, I was super excited about the Butter London nail polish. I already own several colors and am always impressed with how much longer a manicure lasts using Butter lacquer vs. some other brands. There were a variety of colors given out in this box. I was very lucky and received a color I adore! It's called British Racing Green. It's a deep hunter green with some iridescent glitter throughout. It will be absolutely perfect for the fall and winter!

 Last but not least was the Minus 417 Hand Moisturizer. The scent is really sweet and reminds me of angel food cake (yes, very specific). It contains natural olive oils and primrose oils but too me does smell a little bit too sweet. Just a little bit will go a long way, so I think this 1.7 oz sample will last quite a long time. It deeply hydrates and left my skin feeling softer than almost any other product I've tried. So, I would definitely recommend it in cold weather. The full size product retails at $14.

Overall I was VERY pleased with my first Sample Society box. I received products from 2 brands I already loved (Butter and Diptyque) and got to explore products from 3 other fantastic new brands. I also loved the beauty guide and coupon. It was another way to take the sample experience one step further. I will definitely be ordering another box in the future! 

Interested in trying out Sample Society yourself? 
Check it out HERE.

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