Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birchbox "Power Up" July 2014 Review

Now that was FAST! I feel like I only just finished writing up June's Birchbox review and my July Birchbox arrived in the mail! This is probably the earliest in the month I've ever received my box. I don't know if it has anything to do with my switch over from a month-to-month to annual subscription or if this month was just super speedy. Speaking of speedy, I think it's really cool that this month was a collab with Women's Health Magazine. It was really done quite creatively with a lot of "good for you" products. Never fear, girly girls, that doesn't mean there wasn't any glam make-up this month.

Although I wasn't wild about the Coola Mineral Sunscreen BB Cream I received in my March 2014 box, I was actually pretty excited to see this Coola product this month. This after-sun lotion is definitely something I could use this summer. It's been an especially hot summer so far - spent in London & New York - and my skin has definitely been feeling the heat. The next time I forget my floppy sun hat, I'll look forward to using this agave-packed relief in a tube.  It's got a really nice exotic smell that is a little more fresh and fragrant than your typical aloe vera gel after-sun product.

Marcelle is a totally new brand to me, but it turns out it started way back in 1874 in Chicago! Birchbox did a great job of promoting the brand in this box, including an additional info card on the product that includes a code for a bonus offer - a free Lux Gloss Cream in Bellissima with the purchase of any Marcelle product in the Birchbox shop. It sounds like this is a particularly great serum for brightening, hydrating, and anti-aging your skin.

I've seen a LOT of No.4 brand samples in other subscribers' Birchboxes over the past year, but this is my very first one! I'm excited because this is a color-safe leave-in conditioner. I definitely love using leave-in conditioner to fight off tangles and leave my hair extra silky. However, it can be pretty tricky to find color-safe versions...and even harder to find travel-size ones! The scent is sort of hard to's like the perfect combo of an orange creamsicle and your favorite salon. Well, now that's probably the oddest description I've used in a review so far....but oh so summer!

I practically jumped up and down when I saw that there was a Cynthia Rowley eyeliner in this month's box. Birchbox and Cynthia Rowley very kindly invited me a an exclusive Birchbloggers event in New York earlier this summer. At the event we got to chat with Birchbox Co-Founder Hayley Barna, shop Cynthia Rowley's latest fashion collections, and go home with the entire Cynthia Rowley Beauty collection! Ever since, I have been gushing over my new beauty gems. The eyeshadow palette has the most amazing colors, the lip stains are the right combo of matte and moisturizing, and the eyeliners glide across your lids like butter! 

The silver isn't the easiest color to style, I'll admit. It blends pretty easily with other eye make-up. However, it leaves a sort of shimmery shadow around your eyes that looks even more fabulous throughout the night.

This is another product I'd seen a lot of other subscribers receive in previous boxes, but my first. These gummies look so sweet and delicious. I've tried some gummy vitamins before that looked more like fruit snacks but these look more like gumdrops - so cute! It's also a very appropriate "Lifestyle Extra" for the Women's Health box.

One of the other little extras in the box was a "Power Up" booklet of 12 challenges to improve your mental and physical health. It's a pretty substantial book with little tips like "part your hair differently", "up your sleep quality", and "eat veggies for breakfast" with extended info on how to perfect these new routines. 

The final extra was a subscription card for Women's Health Magazine. At first I didn't think much of this. I figured it was an advertisement trying to get us to subscribe to the magazine. However, that is NOT the case. The folks at Women's Health are actually offering up to Birchbox subscribers a FREE 1-Year subscription to their magazine ($9.99 value). There are no hidden obligations and you won't receive any bills, which implies that it isn't an "auto-renew" scam. 

If Women's Health is not your thing, the reply card also gives you the option of mailing it in with your July Birchbox receipt (within 30 days of receiving the box) and receiving a $9.99 refund from Women's Health in lieu of the magazines. Can you believe it? Women's Health is practically offering to pay for the cost of your Birchbox if you're not interested in their magazine. A very generous deal no matter which option you choose.

1,2,3...Get fit, girls!

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