Saturday, May 9, 2015

Get Your Fan Dance On with Lilly for Target!

Were you caught up in the Lilly for Target craze? Yep, of course I was too! As you likely know, I'm beyond Lilly obsessed and then - Lilly at bargain prices? You know this girl was there. Unfortunately I was not overly successful during the 3-4am online frenzy that kicked off the sale. I was able to order about 8 items: 2 towels, 2 shorts, 1 scarf, 1 zip top clutch, 1 romper, and 1 halter top. They ended up being in varying sizes but most fit at least somewhat - I gifted 1 of the pairs of shorts. However, I've been pretty relentless in my search through returns at multiple stores and swaps with other Lilly lovers online.

I'm including a few of my best finds in this post (don't worry, more to come!). I hadn't found too many pasts reviewing how the products fit, quality, etc. If you're looking to swap with someone else or pay a little - or a lot - above retail on eBay, it's definitely important to know these details. 

Dress, Scarf, iPhone Case, & Patio Umbrella: Lilly Pulitzer for Target
Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Shoes: Kate Spade | Purse: Tory Burch

Here's my review of the Lilly for Target Fan Dance Shift Dress: So far, the only shifts I've been able to get a hold of are the Giraffeeey, Fan Dance, and See Ya Later ones. I found the Giraffeeey one in a Target store while visiting LA, purchased the Fan Dance one on eBay, and purchased the See Ya Later one from a friend. Unfortunately the See Ya Later one isn't in my size, but I'm hoping I can swap it with someone! 

The ones that fit are all 1 size up from what I would wear in "real" Lilly. Comparing those three styles, I found that the Fan Dance and See Ya Later (along with the My Fans and Happy Place ones) are made out of the same material - a fairly thick pique cotton with a thin white cotton liner attached. Although the patterns are super cute and I certainly wouldn't dissuade anyone from buying these, I can tell you straight away that the Giraffeeey shift, which is made of a thin linen material, is much more flattering on women with a larger bust and wide hips. The linen one will hit you in all the right places. The others will fit nicely in the bust but will likely be quite loose around the waist and then pull/wrinkle a little bit at the hips.  Basically, they will make your hips look a little wider and your waist look a little larger than the linen style. I have also heard that the See Ya Later and My Fans shifts have a v-neck that is also quite low - something for ladies with a larger bust to be aware of when considering fit.

Overall though, I love the vibrant colors, the lace detail, and the adorable pineapple zipper pull of this Fan Dance shift. The fabric does feel like really good quality that will last a long time. It pairs really nicely with the delicate Fan Dance scarf I was able to get during the online sale. I'll definitely enjoying wearing it to the many summer BBQs I plan to host under my lovely Lilly for Target umbrella!

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