Friday, February 10, 2012

Style: Gym Bags You Won't Want to Hide in Your Locker

Reader Question
Christina F: Where can I find a cute bag that would also be practical for transporting my workout gear to the gym?

Scottie Dog Duffle, $52.  Sloane Ranger. 22" x 11" x 11".
Buy it on HERE
I love all of Sloane Ranger's adorable patterns: whales, horses, scotties, and flowers.  This one fits easily on your shoulder and doubles as a weekender, but is slightly too large to meet some airlines' carry-on restrictions.

Small Duffle in Mocha Rouge, $69. Vera Bradley. 19" x 8" x 9". Carry-on Approved.
Buy it on HERE
Vera Bradley's Small Duffles are a very useful size (a bit smaller than they look in this photo).  They are perfect for carry-on luggage and hold 2-3 days worth of clothes & shoes. They come in a wide variety of patterns & colors to suit anyone's taste.
You can often find discounts on this item at the Vera Bradley Outlet store at Woodbury Common or on Ebay (where I got mine in a retired print).

Deluxe Everygirl Tote, $98. LeSportSac. 20" x 9" x 17".
This tote is the priciest option of the group but is definitely durable and features a combination of the polka dot trend that's very popular this spring with classic preppy embroidery.  It is only slightly too large to meet airlines' carry-on restrictions, but not by so much that it is likely attendants would give you any trouble.
I've recently spotted LeSportSacs at Nordstrom Rack and Century 21, so keep your eyes open for deep discounts!

16" Sportina Elite Medium Shopper, $59.90. BRIC'S. 13" x 16" x 6". Carry-on Approved.
In my opinion BRIC'S might be the best option.  Their products are durable and made of high-quality materials (not to mention they are pretty stylish).  
They also just so happen to be on SALE this week at both RueLaLa and Century 21 online.  You can also often find them at Century 21 stores for similar prices to the ones I have posted here.

16" Sportina X-Bag Striped Tote, $49.97. BRIC'S. 13" x 16" x 6". Carry-on Approved.
The Sportina design offers a great size for a small pair of sneakers, a tee shirt, a water bottle, and a pair of shorts.  It also serves as a great book-bag or shopper.  This design, featured above both in striped and pink, meets airlines' carry-on requirements.

22" X-Travel Striped Tote, $44.97. BRIC'S. 22" x 13" x 10". Carry-on Approved.
The X-Travel Tote & Duffle designs are a little bit bigger than the Sportina and make more sense if you require extra equipment for the gym or need to stash your work clothes and accessories too.  They also serve as great weekender bags and both the tote & duffle are perfect for carry-on luggage.

22" X-Travel Striped Duffle, $44.97. BRIC'S. 13" x 22" x 8". Carry-on Approved.

* Carry-on requirements are based on American Airlines regulations (22" x 14" x 9").

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  1. The LoveSac by JPK Paris Collection would also make a great gym bag. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Check them out on sale now at RueLaLa:


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