Thursday, February 16, 2012

Style: Mad for the Barney's Warehouse Sale or Sheer Madness?

The infamous Barney's Warehouse Sale begins today and goes until February 26th.  So far it has received very mixed reviews. 
What do YOU think? Post in the comments below!  

View the larger version of this schedule HERE.

Pulsd says: "It's that time of year again - thank Goodness! The Barneys Warehouse Sale offers you up to 80% off retail prices on men's and women's clothing & accessories. In the past we've seen Gucci dresses from $300 and Dolce suits from just $250! Throw in a pair of Louboutins (if you get there early they may have your size!) and you're really talking fashion at a price that's right." 
Read more on Pulsd HERE.

RackedNY says: "OK, Barneys Warehouse Sale shoppers, we're not going to sugar-coat it: This sale isn't one of their finest. Prices aren't marked as clearly as last fall's, there's hardly any size selection, wading through all the Co-op stuff leaves you with marginal designer goods, and the decent items are...dirty. Or torn. Or just not very exciting. We were able to find some worthwhile things, of course, but our biggest recommendation would be to wait until the prices have been slashed—as they will be soon if Barney's wants to sell anything. The good news is that the check-out line isn't insanely long!"
Read more on RackedNY & view pictures of sale items HERE.

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  1. Oh no! It looks like Blogspot may have deleted one of our user posts. I've copy/pasted it below - should be useful info for any readers in LA!

    [Melanie]: We were disappointed! We got to the LA sale just a few hours after doors opened and I seriously could have tried everything on in the women's section in less than 2 hours. Prices at the outlet store are the same as the warehouse sale, but at the warehouse sale, you have to plan on 1.5 hours in the check out line!


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