Friday, February 17, 2012

Style: A Presidential Affair, Part I

In honor of it being Presidents' Day Weekend, I thought I'd highlight some of the styles of first ladies of the White House. First, I'm going to start off with the fashionably acclaimed lady of the hour...Michelle Obama!

Which one of her looks do you like best? Post in the comments below or tweet your favorite pic to @hauteonthespot1.

Michelle Obama is FIERCE!  She's not afraid to be heard in bold & neon colors with loud statement necklaces.  She is particularly fond of short, chunky pearls and beads. She usually wears sleeveless dresses which at times are flattering and other times less so, depending on the cut of the dress.  The pink dress (far right) is a particularly great color for her and I love the long-sleeve orange dress with the vintage cut that still retains its youthfulness through its vibrant color.  However, I am not as keen on the purple dress.  It's less tailored and sags on her body.  Although she structures it with the black belt, it only seems to make what could be a very formal tailored dress appear more casual - kind of a mismatch.

My favorite Michelle Obama looks are her textured black dress & classic yet stylish navy and white wrap dress both pictured below. Since she wears minimal jewelry with them, the focus is really on the dresses themselves and how they flatter her shape.  They are both very elegant and practical for a variety of state and family functions!  They also have a very timeless look / aren't TOO trendy - the perfect staples for every woman's closet.

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