Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Style: Report from the Diane von Furstenberg DVF Sample Sale

Tuesday was the first day of this season's Diane von Furstenberg sample sale at 260 Sample Sales at 260 Fifth Avenue between 28th and 29th streets. I was able to pop by after work (~5:30pm) and have much to report! When I arrived the lines to get in weren't too long. However, just a half hour later they were nearly all the way down the block (see the picture above). So, if you're planning on going after work, be sure to stop by as early as you can. Also, even though the line outside wasn't too long, there was a very long line for the dressing room - my guess is it would have taken at least 15-20 minutes. As was the case with the Roberta Roller Rabbit sample sale, all of the mirrors were yet again completely covered in the shopping area. The sale is running every day this week through Saturday. The hours are: Wednesday (10am-8pm), Thursday (10am-7pm), Friday (9am-5pm), Saturday (10am-3pm).

Although the sale opened up early in the morning, it didn't look like I missed out on anything by arriving in the evening. The racks were absolutely full of items in ALL sizes. If there were slightly fewer items in any size I'd say it was probably sizes 12-14; however, not by much. The racks really were tightly packed! Advertisements also say that new stock will arrive throughout the week. The selection primarily consisted of wrap dresses. There were also several silk tunic style dresses, floral lace/crochet type sun dresses, and a few maxi dresses. The colors and patterns varied: geometric prints in green, purple, grey, and pink; floral prints in pink, orange, green, and blue; animal prints in grey and black. 

Personally I just LOVE the fit of DVF pants but unfortunately there were few to be found - or few separates for that matter! Do NOT go to this sample sale if you're looking for pants or shorts because you will find hardly any (at least not yet). The sale really was primarily for the dress hunter. There were a few odd silk tops and a fantastic pair of red, white, and pink floral pants (see above). There was also an extensive selection of spandex leggings and shorts against the back wall. In terms of accessories, the selection was VERY slim. There were a few handbags that were going for $200 - not a big mark-down. There were also some $75 scarves that looked hauntingly similar to a few I'd seen sold on Canal Street so not a great bargain either. The nicest accessories were probably the graphic print laptop cases (see above, in original packaging), if your laptop is the proper size. 

Here's a breakdown of the pricing: Coats $275, Gowns/Cocktail Dresses $275, Leather $250, Wraps and Vintage $150, Dresses $130, Jackets $130, Swim Cover Ups $125, Swim Suits $50, Sweaters $90, Blouses $90, Skirts $90, Shorts $85, Pants $85, Samples $50, Damages $40, Tees $40, and Tanks $20. Again, like I said, no HUGE bargains so far this week (as compared to their previous sample sales). The prices will definitely come down later in the week. The DVF sample sales I've been to at this venue before usually sell the wrap dresses for more like $100. To be honest, I personally did not see ANY leather clothing, swim cover ups, swim suits, shorts, or tees. If you see them, please let me know - perhaps they are arriving later in the week. From what I saw the BEST BARGAINS are probably in that $50 Samples section if you happen to find anything you love in your size.

My personal pick? I just love this silk floral maxi dress! Hopefully they'll have it in my size later in the week. It's currently selling on ShopBop for $395.50. You can view it on ShopBop HERE. So you'd definitely save some money at the sample sale.

If you aren't in New York or can't make it to the sample sale, don't fear! This time around DVF is also offering an abbreviated version of the sample sale online at: There aren't as many exciting dresses on the online sale but there's definitely a larger selection of separates.

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