Friday, August 24, 2012

Style: Check out StyleSaint & You Could WIN a $300 Asos Gift Card!

Fashionistas, rejoice! Now you can publish your very own online fashion magazines in just minutes on Like Polyvore, Have to Have, and Pinterest which I've mentioned on this blog before, StyleSaint has a bookmarklet that allows you to "tear" your favorite products and photos from nearly any page on the internet. 

However, what makes StyleSaint so unique is its exciting "StyleBooks" feature. On the site you can select your favorite "StyleSheets" (i.e. "tears") from your own profile and everyone else's to add to your own customized look book! In minutes you can create a themed collection that you can share via social media and embed on your blog. Read more about the StyleSaint story HERE

Here's my example of the kind of "StyleBook" that you can create on StyleSaint using products from your favorite online shops, celebrity photos, runway photos, or anything else that inspires you on the web:

To check it out and see for yourself, submit your email in the box below. In the coming month they are launching the raddest ever, "StyleSaint Magazine" which will be chock full of go-to guides on how to style the latest trends, lessons in pairing, and DIY tutorials

Your entry will give you the chance to WIN a $300 gift certificate to Asos, my favorite online retailer. You may remember Asos from my "Fake It Til You Make It" Part I & Part II posts. They have a truly awesome selection - so sign up and keep those beautifully manicured fingers crossed!

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