Friday, August 24, 2012

Style: Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color - The Perfect Look for Fall!


Last month I received a bottle of Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color for free, for testing purposes, from Influenster. There are so many things I really loved about this product and after trying out Sally Hanson Salon Effects (read my previous post HERE) and now the Magnetic Color, I am officially in love with Sally Hansen products! I'll definitely save a lot of money I used to spend going to the salon.

The Magnetic Nail Color was so easy to apply! You simply add one coat as you would normally and let it dry. Then, you add a thicker second coat. Before the second coat dries, you take the cap of the nail polish and place it over your finger nail. The cap has a small piece of plastic sticking out that allows you to rest it just ABOVE the nail polish so the polish gets the desired effect without getting smudged. 

The only thing of note is that the color I was given, "Red-y Response", was definitely not red. It was much more of a purple color. Personally I loved and preferred the purplish shade but don't purchase it thinking you will get anything that looks remotely red. When I received the sample in my Summer VoxBox I was a bit hesitant about the color because it was July. However, I think this color and the other ones that are offered are absolutely PERFECT colors for fall

The nail color lasts about 5-7 days without a topcoat and significantly longer with a good quality top coat and base coat. It runs for about $8.99 at Target, Walmart, and most pharmacies.

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