Thursday, October 11, 2012

Style: Surprising Finds At Rainbow Stores

This post goes to show you that no matter your budget, there is still a way to find the season's hottest trends and keep looking great.

While Rainbow does not necessarily have the reputation for carrying the best quality or classiest merchandise, I was pleasantly surprised by my first visit. I found lots of hot trends - moto jackets, "leather" accented pieces, booties, peplum tops, lace, & more! All of these items were under $30 and most under $20

While you won't find many brand names at Rainbow, I did see a large number of items by New Look, a popular retailer in the UK for cheap trendy items and office attire, all of which is decent quality.

My advice: if your budget is tight or you just don't want to spend too much money on a trend you think might not last through next year, you can grab a real bargain at Rainbow. It's definitely worth a look, so give it a shot! 

#1 Moto Jackets (especially some blingin' metallic ones!)

#2 "Leather" Accented Blazers

#3 Slouchy Skull Motif Shirts

#4 Booties

#5 Dresses with Cut-Outs

#6 Peplum Tops (especially with lace!)

#7 Lace, Lace, & More Lace!

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