Saturday, June 8, 2013

Events: A Report From the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale 2013

The Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale 2013 near King of Prussia, PA is only hours away from ending this year (at 4pm today). Here's some important info case you're considering making the last minute dash! Note: this is the ONLY Lilly Warehouse Sale of the year! They have canceled the Resort Warehouse Sale that they've done in past years in November/December.

I went to the sale yesterday late afternoon. Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed with everything. As compared to last year (when I also went on the second day), the selection was not as exciting and the overall inventory was far smaller. This year, most of the tees, sweaters, shorts, pants, and tops were solid colors rather than Lilly's signature prints. There were sizes 00-14 and XS-XL in each category though.

There was no accessories table that was offering up the old "GWP Gifts With Purchase". That was a really awesome table last year where I snagged a shift pillow, picnic basket, & more! In fact, nearly all of the accessories that were sold were from the sorority collection including jewelry. If you're my Chi O sister, they only had the Murfette Scarf, bangle bracelet, and iPhone 4/4s case in our print. A few other sororities like AOPi and KKG had totes, picture frames, and cosmetics bags too. ALL iPhone cases were 4/4s so you're out of luck if you have a new iPhone 5.

Most of the dresses and skirts were from the fluorescent collection. Sadly, there were no longer any floor length dresses when I went. They'd also run out of most of the "Pop" print dresses except in sizes 0 and 2. Swimsuits were also slim pickings. Highlights were: Wendy Embroidered Tunic Dresses in Coral prints, Lacina Lace Dresses in Just Add Mint (now available from 6pm & Saks for just $37 more at $136), Malibu Blazers in Flutter Blue Lucky Charm in XS or XL, a few Minnie's Shift Dresses, and Men's Swim Trunks - only in S or XXL though.

The average prices of items were:
  • Dresses $100 ($119 for the Wendy Dress)
  • Tops $70, L/S Tees: $35
  • Blazers $80
  • Pants, Shoes, & Totes $60 ($29 Shoreline Totes, but I snagged the very last one)
  • iPhone 4/4s Cases $19 (there were no 5 Cases)
  • Sorority Bangle Bracelets $19 (no non-sorority)
  • Scarves $30 (mainly sorority Murfettes)

Here's a look at my haul below. I felt like I picked up the best of what was left. Which item is your fave?

Look lovely in your new Lilly!

 photo newsignature_zps62a69a8d.png

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