Sunday, June 9, 2013

Style: In Stores Now ~ Century 21

I took a trip down to discount department store Century 21 in the Financial District last week. Overall, I was really impressed with their current stock! They had all of my favorite items from my fave designers' past seasons. Take a look at a few of my best finds:

1. Dresses by Issa London
Long Sleeve: $199, Short Sleeve: $99
It's one of Kate Middleton's favorite brands at less than half the retail price! I just adored these summery designs that were very Emilio Pucci-esque. The fits are very flattering and it's easy to slip into a smaller size than what you'd normally wear. They only had some US 4s, 6s, and smaller sizes.

2. Sleeveless Top by Kate Spade
Top: $60
This tennis ball print was my absolute favorite from her collections over the past couple years. I was sad to have never gotten anything from it, since I'm an avid pro tennis fan! Sadly, Century21 had many of these tops in stock, but only in Size 00.

3. Kate Spade Tunic Top
Long Sleeve Top: $200
I absolutely loved all the small details on this top - the picture doesn't do it justice! There are gorgeous mirrored parts, pink and orange tassels, and some fine embroidery work. It just screams "fun in the sun"! While $200 wouldn't be unheard of for a nice cocktail dress, it's a little too much (in my opinion) for a casual top. So, unfortunately I had to pass up on this one. I'm wondering if it could inspire another DIY project though :)

4. New York City Embroidered Pillow
Pillow (insert included): $60
This immediately reminded me of those fabulous Cat Studio pillows I've seen in the windows of many Madison Avenue boutiques. Unfortunately, those will run you about $158 each. This definitely seemed like an excellent alternative! The NYC one's very cute, but I didn't see any other cities.

5. "Come and Get it" Throw Pillow
I didn't catch the price on this one, but I've seen similar styles (probably by the same company) on Dormify at full price for $89. So, it must be less than that. It's not something I would personally splurge on, but it made me giggle because it's so Selena Gomez - worthy. I definitely had her song stuck in my head after I saw it.

6. Ornate Initial Necklace
Gold or Silver Tone: $13
I've seen a bunch of initial jewelry in this style lately at a much higher price point. So, I thought these were an absolute bargain! They only had about 7 different letters though - including S, T, J, L, M, and A - from what I remember. Sadly, V's just not too common.

7. Izak Patent & Canvas Totes
Totes: $32 each
These totes really impressed me. First of all, any designs by Izak are absolutely adorable. They are so feminine and chic. What makes these bags even better is that they seem like the super high quality you'd get from a similar type of bag by Rebecca Minkoff or Tory Burch. So, I was absolutely shocked when I saw the price tag. What a steal! It's really the perfect summer bag for daytime in the city or at the beach!

8. Juicy Couture Cities iPad 3 Cover
iPad Cover: $19.99
I had admired this case for a while after seeing it on Juicy's website and on ASOS (Full Retail Value: $58). Unfortunately, by the time it went on sale, I believe Juicy was sold out of the London one and ASOS was sold out of all of them. I was thrilled to see these at Century21 because, like the Kate Spade top, they were from several seasons back. I only saw two of the designs - the London one and the Beijing one. The Beijing one was absolutely charming too! I was looking after my wallet today, so this case was the only item I brought home. I absolutely love it!

Century 21 definitely is "fashion worth fighting for"!

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