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Style: Report on the Tory Burch Sample Sale

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Clothingline is hosting a Tory Burch Sample Sale this week. It started yesterday (Monday) afternoon with a surprise opening one day earlier than originally announced. The sale will continue through this Saturday. It's open every day from 11am-7pm except Saturday when it will close at 5pm. Clothingline is located at 261 W. 36th Street (close to 8th Avenue). All the details you need are posted HERE.

I went today and barely made it into the sale! I arrived right after work (shortly before 6pm). I waited in line for about 30 minutes and then they started handing out red tickets. If you didn't get one, they sent you home. Luckily, I was one of the last 10 or so to receive one! I still had to wait about another 30 minutes in the line (~6o minutes wait time total). I heard that earlier in the day (around lunchtime) the line was about 2 hours long! So, I guess I should be thankful :) 

If you do aim to arrive later in the day, keep this in mind: 1) they close down the shoe case earlier than everything else so you might miss out on shoes, 2) they close the changing room promptly at 7. They did keep the sale open until around 7:30pm for the last people in line.

There was a particularly large number of items in size 10. However, there were plenty of items in sizes 2-14 (at least, probably some smaller too) as well. There were not many tunics/kaftans and not a large variety of pants either. It was mostly dresses, tees, blouses, and skirts. Lots of people were also there to just pick up shoes or bags. 

Here's the price breakdown:
  • Tees & Polo's: Regular $65, Embellished $75
  • Sleeveless/Short Sleeve Tops & All Bottoms: $85
  • Cardigans, Tunics, & Long-sleeve Blouses: $95
  • Sweaters $125
  • Dresses/Kaftans: $150
  • Blazers & Sequin Items: $195
  • Outerwear: $225
  • Leather & Suede: $250
  • Shoes: $75-$150
  • Handbags: $95-$295

You can pay with cash or credit card. Sales are not final! You can exchange merchandise other than handbags and shoes later on during the same sample sale. All shoe and handbag purchases ARE final.

My verdict: It was a pretty stressful experience getting in and not too many "signature" Tory Burch items. The prices weren't overly low either. I really loved the design of a few items like the highly sought-after black flower sweater above (I jumped for joy when I saw the last one). Unfortunately, in person it was too sheer like a few other items, made from a lower quality material than I'd expect, and just didn't seem worth the $120 :( As far as handbags are concerned, the cheapest $150 & $175 were made of canvas and nylon respectively. You definitely had to pay almost $200 for the cheapest leather one. Next time I might save the time/energy for a trip to the Tory Burch outlet at Woodbury Common. It is of note, I had about the same amount of mixed feelings about the stock last year. Pro Tip: Bring a good book to read in line & don't bring big bags/accessories because you'll have to check them inside!

My pick - best quality, value, and classically Tory:

I survived - still mad for Tory!

 photo newsignature_zps62a69a8d.png

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