Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review of the C.Wonder Sample Sale!

This evening I visited C.Wonder's first ever sample sale. I couldn't get there until after work on the first day of the sale - a little before 5:30pm. The sale ends at 7pm. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I have stopped counting the number of sample sales I've been to...and also that I love C.Wonder a TON! However, I can honestly say this was one of if not the worst samples sales I have ever visited.

Even at 5:30pm there was a small line. Once I got in, I immediately noticed the lack of stock on the tables (still plenty on the racks).  I also noticed that the other customers weren't picking up very much and those that were checking out in line were just buying 1, maybe 2 items. This is NOT typical for the first day of such a highly anticipated sale. Bad sign.

There were very few items left that really got my attention. I managed to find a few nice bags left. However, no matter the style, they were still priced at $45. That isn't that cheap if you aren't in love with it. The nylon one I picked up on the left had a run in it. The leopard one in the middle was so wrinkled it was unclear if it would be possible to ever get the bag looking back to normal. I toyed with purchasing that one but I ended up not getting it because I seriously doubted it could be fully fixed. These were the BEST styles and they were flawed like that.

The smaller accessories (iPad covers, wallets, cosmetic bags) had quite a few prints still left. However, those were priced at $25+. Personally, I think $25 is still pretty steep for a cosmetic bag at a sample sale so I didn't go for that either.

The clothes were also NO BARGAIN. Most of them were pretty close to the price that they were when they went on sale on the C.Wonder website. Dresses were around $65, tops $40, and knits $25. A few of the items looked like the blazer above - hopelessly damaged. Honestly, who wants a blazer with sharpie written on the suede patch or sweaters held together with safety pins? I'm not sure, but the blazer might have been included in the "jackets" category at $75!

There were lots of really cute colorful cardigans...but they were still $50. They were all covered in seashells and other summer motifs which were a bit hard to get excited about in this freezing NYC November weather.

As you may know, I'm a HUGE fan of elephants. So, I was pretty excited to see these random loose cocktail stirrers and forks left haphazardly on the table. It appeared that some were missing in the "set" so I thought they'd be a real bargain. However, when I asked a salesperson she told me that each individual piece of the "set" would be $5. I had to ask her twice because I couldn't believe it. Does that look like $55 to you? ...loose on the table, with pieces missing, at a sample sale - come on!! I can only think that they actually should have be included under "bar accessories" for $15 but who knows and I didn't care enough about them to argue.

I was also pretty shocked when a glass wine stopper with my initial "V" (how many Vs are they really gonna get?) rang up as $15 after I saw a sign that said glassware was $5. The cashier was incredibly rude to me when I questioned it, so don't make the same mistake I did.

The most popular section of the sale was the jewelry section, which I just don't understand. It was so crowded you could barely see the table most of the time I was there. From what I saw, many of the items were tagged with another brand's name - they weren't even C.Wonder!!! All of the necklaces and bracelets were $30 - no bargain at all. There appeared to be hardly any earrings and the photo I took is of the only nice C.Wonder branded bracelets I saw.

These ACK and NYC pillow cases were two of my fave items. However, pillow cases weren't on the price list - only "pillows". If the cases alone were $25 (being so kitschy/branded and from a sample sale) and I still had to find a pillow to stuff them, I wouldn't be pleased. 

 Out of all the clothing on the racks, these were two of my favorite pattern dresses. They were very summery and super lightweight. The fabric just wasn't for me, otherwise I might have picked up one. They carried a $65 price tag each.

Probably the most popular items of the sale were the monogram mugs. They retail at $10 and were being sold for $5. I saw them on the C.Wonder website several times for $5 so this wasn't a special sample sale deal by any means. They are still very cute though :)

I was most drawn to this sale by the footwear potential. I had read that all shoes were $50. When I got there, there were still some good styles left but they all only had about 1 size (pair) left. If you found a style you loved, the chances it was in your size were not great.

There were plenty of candles ($15) and stationery ($5) to go around. So, if that's your thing or if your initials are "U" or "T" - then you had it made. 

My overall verdict: SKIP THIS SALE. You are just as well or better off waiting for the next C.Wonder online sale. You won't find any bargains here. I only came out of it with the camel tray at the top of this post for $10 - and it was the last one. There was a line to get in, the sales people were rude, and I did not see any highly sought-after C.Wonder products left at the end of Day 1. [Note: I saw the last intarsia sweaters go. I was too late. So, don't expect to find those...just a lot of plain striped sweaters, polos, and short sleeved shirts.] There were a number of items out on the tables that weren't even C.Wonder and branded with other companies - Christmas ornaments, Slinky bike locks, jewelry, pet clothes, etc. They all looked really cheap and certainly didn't help the overall feel of what was a pretty disappointing sale.

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  1. hi! i'm a new follower of your blog and love it! so glad you posted a review of the c.wonder sample sale! so disappointing that the sale wasn't worth it! :( i always love to know how sample sales are like in nyc so i'm so glad you made this post and put pictures! :) looks like i'll be waiting for a sale online!


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