Saturday, April 19, 2014

The C.Wonder Sample Sale: Back & SO Much Better!

As I mentioned previously, the C.Wonder Sample Sale is back for the 2nd time! Last time (November 2013) I wrote a less-than-stellar review. I felt like the prices weren't that great and there wasn't much selection. This time things have definitely changed!!!

I was really impressed by my visit yesterday. Prices have been reduced from earlier in the week. Here's the basic breakdown: tops $20, outwear/blazers $40, shoes $40-50, handbags $40, clutches $25, most home decor items $15, jewelry $15, stationery $4 (packs of 8), paper coasters $2.50, travel cases & small accessories $15. Nearly all accessories and home items were around $15 and clothing/handbags/shoes were $20-50. I don't think I saw anything over $50 and nothing I purchased (pictured above) was more than $20. The selection was really fantastic. I have no doubt that there will still be some amazing things left on the final day.

To give you a little idea of the amazing savings, let's compare with the marked original prices. The top I got for $20 was marked $89.99 but was possibly even more at some point. The pillowcases I got for $15 were originally marked $48. The zebra print travel case that I got for $15 was originally marked $68. The $15 necklace was originally $58. Last but not least, the stationery packs were $4 and originally marked $12. 

Stop by:

260 Fifth Avenue
Between 28th and 29th Streets
April 19th | 10am-8pm
April 20th | 10am-3pm

Fill your closets with wonder! Happy shopping!

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