Thursday, December 11, 2014

Popsugar Must Have Box November 2014 Review

This is my second Popsugar Must Have Box of all time (read my February 2014 review here).  Again, I decided to go for the box because there was a promotional offer.  This time, it was through RueLaLa.  I got my box for $24.95 rather than the usual $39.95 which was a great value.

You may notice this is the November box and it just so happens to be December 11th already. Unfortunately my box got lost in the Popsugar warehouse. So, I had to contact their customer service to find its whereabouts and send me a new one. Better late than never though and this box was awesome!

"The Secret Recipes" by Dominique Ansel (MSRP $35)

I was actually really excited about this book.  Admittedly, I'm not that great of a chef and I have a tiny New York kitchen - so, the chance that I'll pull off any of these recipes is slim to none.  A lot of them do look kind of intensive - lots of steps and lots of ingredients.  I'm more of an "anything you can cook on a George Foreman grill" kind of girl. However, I must say that the book is outstanding quality.  It really looks like double the value. It would certainly be a great conversation piece with my many "foodie" friends or the absolute perfect gift. I have yet to try one of Dominique's infamous cronuts. I've never been a morning person, much less a morning person who doesn't mind waiting in hours-long lines in the cold. This book may just convince me!

K. Hall Simpatico Shea Ambergris Butter Cream (MSRP $22)

I hadn't heard of Simpatico before but I have to say the packaging really drew me in.  I love the little vintage whale drawing on the box and hoped the nautical motif would continue on the inner product packaging - sadly not. However, this tube is a really generous size and from everything I've reviewed it sounds like stellar quality. I haven't pierced the metal seal yet because I saw the grey and navy color scheme and though for once this might be a great unisex beauty gift (as much as I would love to keep it myself).  It is described as having a "sweet musky scent" so again likely good for women or men. Those types of gifts are pretty hard to find! Men need moisturizing creams too and this shea butter cream would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your dad or boyfriend. 

G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix Popped Corn (7.5 oz) (MSRP $3.69)

I was so excited to see some Chicago Mix popcorn in this month's box. Although it's not an item of immense value, it is surprisingly hard to find in New York City. There's something about the combo of caramel corn and cheddar cheese corn that sounds so bizarre but blends together so seamlessly. I first tried it at Garrett's in O'Hare Airport on my last trip to Chicago in March. I'm thrilled to see that G.H. Creators is available from Amazon, Sam's Club, Walmart, and more! I think it's just as good as Garrett's and so accessible.

Sorial Saffiano Wallet on a Chain (MSRP $49)

I have to admit this was my least favorite item in the box.  It's the item of the highest value which is usually the most exciting like the pair of Kendra Scott earrings in the August box. First off, I generally don't find cross body bags very flattering. Second, the size of the bag isn't very practical. It just barely fits my iPhone 5.  I could probably squeeze in some loose cash or credit cards too, but I'm not even sure my keychain would fit in there with it. Third, I just don't find the material very exciting. It is nice Saffiano leather which is the material Michael Kors and C.Wonder use for a lot of their bags and wallets, but I do find this item a bit more shiny and stiff than those brands. I think I'll likely swap or gift this one.

Tiny Prints Thoughtful Heart Stationery (MSRP $15)

These note cards are pretty cute. They are part of Lisa Sugar's collaboration with Tiny Prints. I like to write a lot of "Thank You" notes so I definitely plan to put these to use! The box also contained a $25 gift card code to use on Tiny Prints. It doesn't appear to require any minimum purchase which is great. I'll probably get some snazzy new return address labels with it.

Wine Glass Writer Custom 3-Pack for POPSUGAR Must Have (MSRP $9.95)

These specialty pens really caught my eye! They're nontoxic and fast-drying. I recently hosted an ugly sweater holiday party and everyone had a lot of fun using these to write on their glasses and keep track of their drinks. They also wrote on wine bottles too which was great for adding to the party decor!  Who doesn't love a wine bottle that wishes you "Happy Holidays" or a wine glass quite literally with your name on it?!?

Overall, I was really pleased with this box. I'm glad Popsugar stuck almost entirely to home and gift products this month because sometimes it gets a little too beauty focused.  Not that I don't love beauty, but there are so many other beauty boxes out there and the home and gift element makes Popsugar so unique! I still think the Must Have Boxes are a little rich for my blood at $40 a pop, but I'll definitely spring for one whenever the high value item is revealed in advance and is something I've been coveting.

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  1. What is the number to contact popsugar? I cant find it on their websitw

    1. I couldn't find it either which I thought was a bit annoying. I just emailed them via the website (you can also just email this address directly: They got back to me within 7 hours and were pretty responsive and helpful.


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