Friday, August 7, 2015

Get Floral and Fresh with Spongelle!

Spongelle's Boxed Flower Body Wash Infused Buffer is a great multi-functional addition to my bath routine. Since it already has body was inside it, there's no need to add anything to it.  Additionally, the sponge starts off a bit stiff which makes it a nice exfoliator too. Best of all, it lasts for 14+ washes!

The packaging of this product definitely makes it a very nice gift. I think the box looks pretty elegant and the ribbon that you can use to hang the sponge is also multifunctional - it's the same decorative ribbon that fits through the hole at the top of the gift box. 

The only thing I don't love about the packaging is that the box isn't lined in foil and/or there isn't a plastic "soap case" so there is no way to use the packaging to ensure that the product stays clean between uses. You definitely need to use the string to hang it somewhere in your bathroom. The sponge does collect hair or towel lint pretty easily, so you need to make sure to rinse it well at the end of each use. If you share a bathroom with a bunch of roommates or want to take it on a trip, it could be tricky to find a good way to store it if you don't have hooks in your shower like I do.

Once you open the box, the sponge is shrink wrapped in plastic, so you know that is is sanitary and has retained its original scent.  The sponge itself is completely hard the first time you take out of the package. 

The instructions for using the sponge are very simple. Just run it under the water while you're taking a shower, then use it like a regular sponge or loofah.  When you're done, wring out the extra water and use it again next time. I found that the sponge definitely started to soften up and feel more like a regular sponge rather than a rough loofah during the process of my first use.  However, it wasn't completely soft after my first use - which I actually like, I felt like it sloughed off some of my dry skin. I went to look at it a few hours later when it had dried and I noticed that it retained the softness. So, I think that after multiple uses the sponge becomes completely soft.

The scent I received was Papaya Yuzu which has extracts of Edelweiss, Yuzu, and Vetiver. It definitely smells like Papaya when you first take it out of the box; however, I felt like it smelled more like a fresh lemon scent when I actually used it. I thought it was nice that I could still smell the scent on my skin after I dried off from the shower. This product currently comes in 5 scents: Papaya Yuzu, Coconut Verbena, Ginger Bergamot, French Lavender, and Bulgarian Rose. You can get them on the Spongelle website for $16 each or without the gift box for $12 each.

The Pedi-Buffer also comes in a decorative box and is protected with shrink wrap. It's significantly smaller than the Flower Body Wash Infused Buffer, but lasts nearly twice as long - 30+ washes! 

This product doesn't come with a hanging ribbon like the other. So, you'll definitely need to have a spare soap dish handy to keep this product fresh. The lather appeared more quickly and was thicker than the body wash buffer. Since I have fairly tough, callous-prone feet, this felt really good on the balls of my feet and my heels. They definitely felt considerably softer and more smooth because of all the essential oils in this sponge.

The scent I received is Beach Grass which I actually liked even better than Papaya Yuzu. It's not as sweet but has a really nice, clean scent that reminds me of the beach. The Pedi-Buffer only comes in two scents, Beach Grass and Mandarin Mint. You can get them on the Spongelle website for $16 each.

Overall I really liked both of these products. They are easy to use, come in wonderful scents, and are long-lasting. I will definitely use these two for the suggested 14+ and 30+ washes. I have a feeling they'll become an integral part of my skincare regimen, especially after tough days at the gym! Also, to put you in patriotic spirit this month, these products are all made in the USA! Who doesn't love that?

SPECIAL OFFER: You can use the code "BBLOGGER20" for 20% your purchase on the Spongelle site. Offer valid through October 19th, 2015.

This is a sponsored post. Spongelle provided me with a Boxed Flower Body Wash Infused Buffer 
and  a Pedi-Buffer for review purposes via Brandbacker.

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