Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spongelle Anti-Cellulite Buffer Review & Giveaway

After my last review of the Spongelle Boxed Flower Body Wash Infused Buffer and Pedi-Buffer, I was excited to get another product from them in the mail! This time it's the Anti-Cellulite Body Wash Infused Buffer. This buffer came in the same scent as my Pedi-Buffer, "Beach Grass". The exotic scent contains extracts of coffee, arnica, and sea kelp. It's a nice powdery clean scent that is very refreshing but not at all overwhelming.

This sponge is bigger than the other two I previously reviewed. It's about as long as the distance from the bottom of my palm to my fingertips - so, still very manageable to hold in one hand, but quite significant. Another difference is that this is a two-sided buffer. One side is very rough and deeply exfoliates your skin. You're supposed to use this side in a "gentle, circular motion" to "exfoliate and stimulate circulation".  I thought it felt really nice on my arms and legs, but didn't use it as much on my back because it was a little too rough. The other side is very smooth and perfect for sensitive parts of your skin or for "polishing" your whole body after exfoliating. It is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic, so it should be safe on all skin types.

The product lasts for 30+ washes like the Pedi-Buffer. After 2 washes I'm convinced it definitely will hold up. This one doesn't have a cord to hang it like the Flower Buffer, so you will need to make sure you have a large soap dish or a shelf on your shower caddy for it, as it is pretty big.

I especially liked the innovative concept of this product. It helps smooth areas prone to cellulite using a Salsphere Delivery System. It cleanses, exfoliates, and massages all in one! My morning routine is always rushed, so I always appreciate any time-saver I can find. The anti-aging effects are a huge bonus on top of that. It's never too early to start taking care of your body and skin. The earlier you start, the more preventative measures you can take to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and cellulite in the future. Who doesn't want to look youthful forever?

Now, it's time to pamper yourself! One lucky reader will win his or her own Spongelle Body Buffer. Just enter below.

You can purchase your own on the Spongelle website for $25 - that's less than $1 per wash! As an added bonus, you can get 20% off any purchase on their website by using the code "BBLOGGER20" at checkout. This code is valid until October 19th, 2015. Be sure to follow Spongelle on Instagram to learn more!

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