Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Everpro Back2Blonde Spray Review

My lifestyle is pretty busy and admittedly I don't always have time to go back to the salon every 6 weeks or so to get a root touch-up. That "in-between time" can be a bit awkward. Who likes having 1-2 inch roots showing when you have a job interview, presentation at work, wedding, or fashion industry event to attend? The truth of the matter is, as much as you want to look your best everywhere, sometimes life just gets in the way of that 2 hour salon appointment.

Dry shampoo can only do so much, but to add that extra coverage, you definitely want to try a root touch-up spray. Everpro's new BacktoBlonde temporary root concealer is one of the options out there for you!


Here are a few things I learned from using this product:

1) The product take a little bit of time to dry. If you hold it too close to your head, your hair may come out looking a bit greasy/wet. Add some dry shampoo if that happens and it'll work out just fine.

2) Don't use this product immediately before going to the hair salon for a color treatment. My stylist noticed it right away before applying my color treatment. She told me that the color treatment would not be effective with the Back2Blonde product still in my hair, that there was chance the color wouldn't take. So, she ended up having to wipe it all off with a wet towel which took some extra time.


I found that after I applied the product I needed to blend it in quite a bit. The picture below shows what the overall look ended up like after I brushed my hair and tousled it a bit with my fingers. I think the product blends in especially well if you style your hair without a defined part, or if you apply the product with your hair parted one way (like in the middle) but style your hair with it parted another way (like either side).

 photo newsignature2_zps60eabe93.png

This product was supplied to me for free for review purposes by Everpro via Brandbacker.

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