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The Multistick by Bite Beauty Review

As you may remember from my previous post reviewing the May 2016 Play! by Sephora Box, I recently discovered Bite Beauty and really enjoyed my first experience trying out one of their products. I love the bold, color-rich pigments offered by this prestige beauty brand. So, naturally, when Influenster contacted me about reviewing their latest product - The Multistick - I did not hesitate for a minute!

Susanne Langmuir, Founder & Creator of Bite Beauty noticed that women often use their lipsticks as blush and eyeshadow when they're in a pinch. So, she wanted to create a multi-purpose beauty product that would be blendable and that "performed equally well on lips, eyes, and cheeks". The Multistick is truly versatile. It is designed to apply like a cream but wear like a powder. There's 35% powder in each tube and the products are silicon-free. The product contains squalene, derived from sugarcane, that helps create weightless high performance coverage.

There are 18 shades in the collection. Influenster provided me with 3 of them: Macaroon, Blondie, and Cocoa, which I've reviewed below. The other shades I'm dying to try are: Nectar, Mochi, Mascarpone, Papaya, Praline, Biscotti, and Almond.

The first color I tried was Macaroon, which ended up being my favorite of the three. Since I have a pretty fair complexion, I thought it provided a very classic look. This one was excellent for use on both my lips and cheeks. You can see it on just my lips above and on my lips and cheeks here. It's a delicate pink that's noticeable but not too loud. So, you could definitely wear it in a relatively conservative work environment. 

For cheeks, I found that one really small dot on each cheek would do. It was very easily blendable and not too dramatic. I haven't tried this one on my eyes because I find that bright pink eyeshadows end up looking a bit too bold on my skintone, almost like I have pinkeye. So, I really felt like this one was useful for lips and cheeks only.

When I wear a soft pink like this, I do find that I often prefer a slightly glossy finish. So, I'll note here that with The Multistick you will only get a matte finish, since it's largely powder based (you wouldn't necessarily want shiny cheeks and eyes!). So, to achieve a glossy finish I did need to apply something over this color.  In this picture I'm wearing it with just the matte finish.

Blondie was the second color I tried. I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I opened it because, at least for me, this is such an unusual color. It's a slightly yellowish beige that is, as the name suggests, in fact very similar to the color of a blondie baked treat.

Since I have a relatively fair skin tone, I haven't typically purchased any beige lip colors in the past. I think it sort of washes out my overall look. My go-to colors are more often pinks, light purples/magentas, nude/mauves, reds, and sometimes chestnut/medium browns. I can't say I loved or hated the look I achieved with this color. It's just different from what I'm used to. It reminded me a lot of the look Australian actress Kate Beahan often has. Obscure reference, but am I right? It's definitely mature, work-appropriate, and very subtle. I think it would probably look even better on someone with a slightly darker skin tone.

The color provides a sort of peachy glow if you use it on your cheeks, which reminds me more of a bronzer or highlighter. I think it would look really nice as a blush on darker skin tones because it blends so well. It looks pretty nice on eyes as well because the gold/shimmering undertones come out a bit more, which I think would be flattering for most complexions. So, I suppose this was the one of the three that I really thought would be suitable for all three purposes - lips, cheeks, and eyes - for most people.

The final color I tried was Cocoa. This one was particularly interesting because there's virtually no way someone with my skin tone could use this color as a blush or lipstick. It's just too opaque. When I tried it on my lips, pictured above, I had to dab it very lightly and blend it considerably. What I found is that the pigment did not apply evenly and looked a bit blotchy. An interesting thing about this color is that it blends really well with the other ones. So you can create a "buildable" look by applying a light layer of Cocoa followed by a layer of Macaroon. This created a sort of deep mauve that was pretty nice. 

I didn't even try this one on my cheeks because it's just too dark, even when blended. However, I thought it made a really delightful eyeshadow, which you can see just a bit here, with Macaroon on my cheeks and lips. So, I would definitely carry this one around as a go-to eyeshadow but I think the 3-in-1 convenience factor for this one is lost a little bit on me, since I'm pretty fair.

Intrigued? You can check out the full collection below ($24 each) at Sephora:

 photo newsignature2_zps60eabe93.png

These Bite Beauty products were supplied to me for free for review purposes by Influenster.

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